Youtube Post Production Service or Post-Production Houses Los Angeles Service – Which one should you choose?

Youtube Post Production Service or Post-Production Houses Los Angeles Service – Which one should you choose?

The internet is amazing. It is hard to argue with that. Internet has made it possible for millions to be freed from the burden of a 9-to-5 job, toxic workers or bosses from hell.

Yeah, to reiterate, the internet is excellent.

I would like to pose this question and perhaps broaden your horizons in the field post-production work.

Is it better for you to work in a Post Production Company than for a Youtube Channel?

This may seem like an odd question to ask.


Youtube is the SECOND largest search engine on the internet. Youtube is watched by billions. There are many Youtube channels. Post-production services are needed by millions.

Why not start your own post-production services instead of a Los Angeles Post-production house service?

Well, this is exactly what we are trying to answer in our article. There are pros and cons to both these endeavors.

Youtube Post Production Service or Post-Production Los Angeles Service: Which To Choose?

# 1 YouTube Or Company: Steady Income

Argument for the Post Production Job:

There is no doubt that most people prefer a job to freelancing or becoming an entrepreneur. The reason is consistency. You will get paid consistently if you have a job. You will know you have the money coming to your head, as long as you follow the company’s guidelines and don’t offend anyone.

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Aside from the subtle aside, a job offers financial security. You can get paid and also learn new skills. You can also move up in the company.

There are many advantages to working in a post-production company.

Argument for Youtube:

Freelancing can be a great way of making money, provided you have clients. This is one of the biggest problems with freelancing. Without clients, you won’t get paid. Basic logic.

Freelancing allows you to set your own hours and negotiate your prices. However, you will also gain more professionalism. As a freelancer, you will notice that you want more for your work.

What do I mean?

You may want to start your own business if you are a freelancer and you have a lot of clients. Both are open to this possibility. You will be able to develop the self-disciple necessary to run a successful business as a freelancer.

# 2 YouTube Or Company: Work is Always There

Argument for the Post Production Job:

To piggyback on our last entry. As long as you follow the company’s rules and regulations, work will continue to be available. Financial security is undoubtedly one of the best aspects of a job.

This isn’t another jab.

Knowing that you have a job and not having to seek work is much less stressful, and in the end, the pay is not TOO bad (too bad being the operative words here).

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Argument for Youtube:

When you start your Youtube service, it is important to set a reasonable price. We are referring to the fact that you cannot start asking for the highest rates possible.

People need to see the links to the works that you actually created.

It is best to begin at a price that is both comfortable and affordable for you. The best thing about freelancing is that as you look for more clients, you will stumble upon a few who will be more than willing to pay you at the price YOU think you are worth it.

You can’t get this job.

# 3 YouTube Or Company: Enjoyability

Argument for the Post Production Job:

You will be surrounded by fascinating people and celebrities while working for a post-production agency. It is possible.

There are also events, gatherings and parties you can enjoy. If you love this lifestyle, this could be the right job for you. It can be very rewarding to have a team that supports you.

Argument for Youtube:

YouTube stars are as well-known as Hollywood movie stars. This is also a fact. Youtube may not offer the same grand events as Hollywood, but it is possible to meet many interns.

Youtubers are growing in popularity and Youtube will soon be able to match the movie star fame (if it isn’t already).

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There have been many YouTubers who have gained a lot of popularity in society and around the world. Just look at the guy called “Pewdiepie.”

Final Thoughts

I believe that freelancing is the best method to make money. It would also seem like a better choice, especially with the internet becoming an integral part of our daily lives. It’s so easy to make connections with people and to establish business relationships.

With that said that is just MY opinion.

When it comes to YOUR professional career in life, I will not dare tell you what path to take. Both paths are rewarding.

Equally? That is subjective.

However, whichever decision you make in your post-production decision making process, know that both platforms offer significant benefits and have their faults.

It is up to the individual to choose which path they want.

Remember that there is no failure to try, but great failure to not trying. Go out and find the path that best suits your life.