Who was the one who brought Europe out from the Dark Ages.

Who was the one who brought Europe out from the Dark Ages.

Who brought Europe out from the Dark Ages and made it a modern country?

The scientific revolution in Europe was also led by the Spaniard Muslims. They created the decimal system and the number zero, which revolutionized the way we solve mathematical problems.

What years were Dark Ages?

476 AD – 1000 AD

What event signaled the start of the Middle Ages?

fall from Rome

Were the Romans more advanced than the Middle Ages?

The Roman Empire was one the most technologically advanced civilizations in antiquity. Many of its more innovative concepts were lost during turbulent times of Late Antiquity or the early Middle Ages.

Why is Rome considered the most advanced civilization?

Rome is considered the most advanced civilization in Earth’s history at its peak due to rapid and significant improvements in sanitation, education, and warfare. They also invented many innovations that are still being used today.

Why the Middle Ages were bad?

Illnesses such as tuberculosis and smallpox can and did kill. The Great Famine of the early 14th century was particularly bad: climate change led to much colder than average temperatures in Europe from c1300 – the ‘Little Ice Age’.

What diseases were in the Middle Ages?

Common diseases included dysentery and smallpox, diphtherias, flu, typhoid and smallpox. While most of these diseases are rare today in Britain, some, such as cancer and heart disease are more common than in the Middle Ages.

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How were diseases treated in the Middle Ages?

Traditional treatments such as blood-letting and purging with laxatives or changing diets were ineffective in treating the disease. Disease had been transmitted to humans by “mice” and “animals” who “lived under the ground”.