Who says an idea is a waste of time?

Who said that an idea was ready for prime time?

Victor Hugo

Can’t stop an idea whose time has come?

No one can resist an idea that has arrived. An idea that has reached its time is stronger than any other. An idea that has reached its time cannot be stopped by armies. An idea that has reached its time is the most powerful thing.

Whose Time Has Come Meaning?

: is the right idea for the moment.

What does my time has come mean?

: It is the right time to take action or allow something to happen. We believe that it is now the right time to make a decision.

What tense is has come?

Word Forms: Past tense came, present participle going, and present singular present tense come language note: The present tense form come is the past participle. You will find many expressions that use the word “come” in this dictionary.

Has come to an end meaning?

: The end has come. The strike was finally over after three weeks. It seems that summer always ends too quickly. As the play ended, the curtain fell.

What is another word for come to an end?

What is another way to say come to an end?

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end finish
bring to an end adjourn
dissolve come to a halt
come to a close wind down
fade away disappear

What word means to come to an end?

Similar terms for come to an ending: dry up (noun), give out (noun), cease (verb), halt (verb )


What does conclude mean science?

To reach a decision or settle; to finally arrange or settle: to conclude a contract. To determine by reasoning; deduce or infer: The authors of the document were examined and determined that they must have been eyewitnesses.

How long is a good conclusion?

Most conclusion paragraphs are four to five sentences long and should average between 50-75 words. These paragraphs should be concise enough to convey your message, but not too long that it becomes repetitious. The conclusion paragraphs start by reiterating the main idea definition.