Who said that the needs and wants of many were greater than those of a few?

Who said that the needs and wants of many were greater than those of a few?

Who said that the needs and wants of many outweigh those of a few?


What are the strengths of utilitarianism?


Strengths Weaknesses
Act Utilitarianism is pragmatic and focuses on the consequences of an action. Utilitarianism seeks to predict the consequences of an action, which is impossible.

What made it difficult to come up with decision?

Making decisions is always difficult. It takes energy and time to weigh all options. It is normal to feel indecisive and second-guess yourself. They are, in many ways, a good sign that you are thinking through your options and not just following the flow.

How does utilitarianism measure happiness?

To measure happiness, you can either ask someone how happy they are, or ask their friends or independent investigators. Similar results can be obtained from these reports.

What is the meaning of happiness in utilitarianism?

Happiness has the only intrinsic value. “Pleasure and freedom from pain are the only desirable ends…all. Desirable things can be either desirable for their intrinsic pleasure or because they are. “As a means of the promotion of pleasure, and the prevention of pain.” Background about Utilitarianism.

Is there any way of measuring how much happiness is brought about by an action?

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No, it is impossible to quantify happiness. There are many things that make people happy, and different levels of happiness. Mill stated that quality should be considered along with quantity. However, quality is the most important.

Does happiness exist philosophy?

Some philosophers think happiness can be understood either as a moral goal or an aspect of chance. In fact, the word happiness is often used in European languages to mean luck. Philosophers often explain happiness as either a state or a way of life that is good for you.