Who is the female commentator on Fox cricket?

Who is the female commentator on Fox cricket? Isa Tara Guha (born 21 May 1985) is an English cricket commentator, television and radio cricket broadcaster, and a former England cricketer who played in the 2005 World Cup and the 2009 World Cup.

Who is commentating the cricket? Returning to the cricket commentary team in 2021-22 are Damien Fleming, Simon Katich, Mel McLaughlin, James Brayshaw, Lisa Sthalekar, Greg Blewett, Matthew Hayden, Brad Hodge, Trent Copeland, Tim Lane, Alison Mitchell, Callum Ferguson, Abbey Gelmi, Jason Richardson, Andy Maher, Alister Nicholson, and Erin Holland.

Who are the commentators for Pakistan vs Australia? Simon Katich of Australia will only commentate on the Benaud-Qadir Trophy and like Kasprowicz, will be making his commentary debut in Pakistan. Sikander Bakht and Zainab Abbas will host the pre- and post-match shows along with Neroli Meadows, who will only be available for first two Test matches.

Who is Commentators on England cricket game? Apart from Michael Vaughan, Moeen Ali is also a part of the BBC team as a guest commentator for the test match. Jonathan Agnew, Isa Guha, Simon Mann, Alexandra Hartley and Daniel Norcross are also a part of the BBC commentary team for the match.

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Who are the commentators on the Test match?

Current TMS commentators include:
  • Jonathan Agnew (“Aggers”) (1991–)
  • Simon Mann (1996–)
  • Alison Mitchell (2007–)
  • Kevin Howells (2007–)
  • Charles Dagnall (“Daggers”) (2012–)
  • Daniel Norcross (2016–)
  • Isa Guha (2018–)
  • Henry Moeran (2019–)

Who are the commentators for Ashes 2021?

Seshadri, Arun Venugopal, Aarti Sankaran and Sunil Viswanthan while the Telugu commentary panel will feature Keerthi Viswanadha, Prem Sagar, Vijay Mahavadi, Sudheer Mahavadi, RJ Hemant, Venkatapathy Raju, C Venkatesh, and Sandeep Kumar.

Who is the female commentator on Test Match Special?

Alison Mitchell (born 17 January 1980) is an English cricket commentator and sports broadcaster. She was the first woman to become a regular commentator on the BBC’s Test Match Special, and has been commentating on men’s and women’s international cricket around the world since 2007.

Who are the Channel 9 cricket commentators?

Channel Nine Cricket
  • Tony Greig.
  • Mark Taylor.
  • Mark Nicholas.

Who are the ashes commentators on BT Sport?

BT Sport will show every ball from the Women’s Ashes after renewing its deal with Cricket Australia. Presenter Jules Breach and former England cricketer Ebony Rainford-Brent will head up proceedings live from the BT Sport studio in London.

Who is the female Ashes commentator?

Lisa Sthalekar – Expert Commentator

The former Australian women’s captain forged a stellar international career as an all-rounder from 2001 to 2013, becoming the first woman to score 1000 runs and take 100 wickets in One Day Internationals.

Who is the host broadcaster for the Ashes?

But the new deal, which features Fox Cricket as the host broadcaster, and Channel 7 as their own separate travelling crew, has taken it to a grand scale which makes it one of the biggest productions in world sport.

Are BT cricket commentators in Australia?

BT Sport are set to use their own commentary team for the remainder of the Ashes series rather than relying on the coverage provide by Fox Sports, the Australian host broadcaster.

Who is on Ashes daily?

Ashes Daily on Apple Podcasts. BT Sport presents Ashes Daily, a breakfast show with all the reaction from the day’s play down under, featuring the likes of Jason Roy, Kate Cross, Vithushan Ehantharajah and Steen Raskpolous. Presented by Rob Armstrong.

Who is the female commentator on BT Sport tonight?

Lucy Ward (born 15 April 1974) is known as a co-commentator for broadcasters such as BT Sport, BBC, Talksport, Channel 4 and Sky working on Women’s and Men’s football since 2007. She has worked on World Cups and Olympic Games throughout this time. Recently working for Prime Video and BT Sport on EPL games.

Where is Ashes daily filmed?

Presenter Matt Smith will head up proceedings live from the BT Sport Studio in London, alongside former England internationals across the series including Alastair Cook, Moeen Ali, Steve Harmison, Matt Prior and Mark Butcher, as well as England women’s captain Heather Knight.

Are the Ashes on the radio?

BBC Radio 5 Live – The Ashes.

Will BBC have Ashes highlights?

Watch The Ashes 2021 with a BT Sport monthly pass

The BBC will show free-to-air highlights over the coming weeks, while BT Sport also boasts a comprehensive package – and a monthly pass that will give you access to a wide range of live coverage and highlights.