Who gave Class 6 the name India?

Who gave Class 6 the name India?

Who gave the name India our country Class 6

THE NAMES OF OUR COUNTRY : India: People from Iran and Greece arrived in the north-west of India. They became acquainted with the Indus River. They called it Indos and Hindos. India was named after the land east of the river.

Why is India called Bharatvarsh?

According to Mahabharata, the popular legend states that India was named Bharatvarsha after Bharata Chakravarti. Bharata had conquered all Greater India and united into a single political entity, which was called “Bharatvarsha”.

Which is our country name?

It refers to the current Republic of India, which is located in that area. Named “India” originally derives its name from the river Sindhu (Indus River). It has been used in Greek since Herodotus (4th Century BCE).

What is Constitution and what is its importance?

The constitution guarantees that the government doesn’t own the state. It manages it under the authority and control of higher laws on behalf of citizens. Constitutionalism is, in this sense, the antithesis of despotism. Despotism refers to a system in which the governing authorities make their own laws.

What is the role of constitution in a country Class 9?

1 – This creates a decree for trust and coordination which is required to allow different types of people to live together. 2- It specifies the structure of the government. It also specifies who will be able to make which decisions. It expresses the hopes and aspirations of people for a better society.

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What is the preamble to the Constitution class 9?

(iv). The Preamble to the Indian constitution describes the Republic as a Sovereign Socialist, Secular, Democratic Republic, and declares that it will provide Justice, Equality and Liberty to all citizens.

What is the role of constitution in a country?

A country’s constitution is a set or rules that regulate the government’s powers and the rights and obligations of its citizens. A number of nations have had to create a written constitution as a response to revolutions, wars or steps towards independence.

What is the role of constitution in our daily life?

First, the Constitution is the government’s “rulebook”. The Constitution serves two purposes: it is a legal document and it also represents a set of ideals for our society. Other roles that we see every day are: 1) Freedom to speak.