Which theory is most useful for explaining?

Which theory is most useful for explaining?

Which theory is most useful for explaining?


motivation – a need or desire that energizes and directs behavior
Lack of body fluids is to cold water as ________ is to ________ need; incentive
Which theory would be most helpful for explaining why people are motivated to watch horror movies? arousal theory

Which theory of motivation would be most useful for explaining an infant’s urge to explore?

arousal theory for motivation

What is arousal theory quizlet?

Arousal Theory. People are motivated to take actions to maintain a certain level of biological or physiological arousal. The optimal level is the one that produces the best results and conditions for the individual.

What is meant by optimum arousal?

Optimal arousal is a psychological construct referring to a level of mental stimulation at which physical performance, learning, or temporary feelings of wellbeing are maximized (Smith 1990). A low level of arousal or a lack of motivation could lead to poor performance.

What is drive reduction theory quizlet?

Drive Reduction Theory. This theory states that our behavior is driven by biological needs. A need is a requirement for survival (e.g. food, water, shelter). A drive is the impulse to fulfill this need. Homeostasis is the internal balance of our bodies.

What is the main idea of the drive theory?

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Drive theory focuses on the idea that all organisms have certain psychological needs. When these needs are not met, a negative state is created. Once a need is met, drive is decreased and the organism is able to relax and return to homeostasis.

What is the main idea of drive theory psychology quizlet?

Drive theory is an alternative to instinct theory. It describes motivation as the process by which a biological need leads to a drive that causes an organism to act in a way that meets the need. This process is known as homeostasis, and it is responsible for most drives.

Is the motivational tension or arousal?


Term Motivation Definition The factors that direct and energize the behavior of humans and other organisms
Term Drive Definition Motivational tension, or arousal, that energizes behavior to fulfill a need.
Term Homeostasis Definition The body’s tendency to maintain a steady internal state.

What are the main principles of arousal approaches to motivation?

What are the key principles behind motivational arousal? To maintain a level of excitement, we aim to increase or decrease it. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs model suggests that there are ______ levels of need. Which best describes evolutionary theory?

Is a deprivation that energizes the drive to eliminate or reduce the deprivation?


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Term Motivation Definition The force that moves people to behave, think, and feel the way they do. Ex. Ex.
Term Need Definition Some deprivation that energizes the drive to eliminate or reduce the deprivation. Ex. Water is essential.

What is motivation explain?

Motivation refers to the process of initiating, guiding, and maintaining goal-oriented behavior. It is what makes you act, regardless of whether you are drinking water to quench your thirst or reading a book for knowledge. Motivation is the interaction of biological, psychological, and cognitive forces that activate behavior.

What is the characteristics of motivation?

There are two motivating factors: (a) The fundamental needs such as food, clothing, shelter, and shelter; and (b) Ego-satisfaction which includes self-esteem, recognition from other people, opportunities for accomplishments, and opportunities to self-development. These two factors act as powerful, even unconscious, motivators of behaviour.

What are the features of motivation?

Motivation is the process of determining an individual’s effort, direction and perseverance in achieving a goal. Motivation is a continuous goal-oriented process that produces results. It also refers to a psychological phenomenon that transforms talents into abilities.

Which type of motivation is most important?

In summary

  • Intrinsic motivation is generally more effective than extrinsic motivation.
  • “Carrot” (reward) can be an effective form of motivation for repetitive tasks, and certain teams.
  • “Stick” (punishment) is far less effective at motivating teams than “carrot” and intrinsic motivation.
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