Which set of numbers is not valid for the following quantum numbers?

Which set of numbers is not valid for the following quantum numbers?

Which one of the following sets of quantum numbers is invalid?

For option C), the angular moment quantum number equal to ++2 which means that ml may have a maximum of +2. This set of quantum numbers does not have a valid value because it is stated as having a value +3.

What makes a set of quantum numbers valid?

This quantum number set represents an electronic located at the second energy level in the s subshell in the 2s orbital that has spin-up. When n=2. This set is valid. It represents an electron that is located at the first energy level in the s subshell in the 1s orbital.

Which of the following is a valid set of quantum numbers for an electron?

To fully describe an electron within an atom, you will need four quantum numbers: energy (n), magnet moment (ml), and magnetic momentum (l).

Which quantum number is independent of others?

The spin quantum number depends only on the spin of an electron. It is independent from all other quantum numbers.

Why is the fourth quantum number necessary?

The fourth and final quantum number indicates the orientation of each orbital’s electrons. A stable atom has electrons with the lowest energy. The lowest energy orbitals have the highest energy electrons. This gives them the lowest energy.

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What are 2 synonyms for orbitals?

other terms for orbital

  • annual.
  • intermittent.
  • occasional.
  • recurrent.
  • regular.
  • repeated.
  • routine.
  • yearly.

What is another word for moon orbiting a planet?


What does orbit mean?

An orbit is a path in which one object moves around another. A satellite is an object placed in orbit. Satellites can be natural objects, such as Earth and the moon. Many planets have moons that orbit them.Tir 16, 1389 AP

What is another name for positive?

What is another word that means positive?

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doubtless persuaded
satisfied unwavering