Which one of the following structures is the most homologous?

Which one of the following structures is the most homologous?

Which one of the following structures is the most homologous?

The wings and arms of a bat are great examples of homologous structures. Humans and bats are mammals. They share an ancestry. Although they may look quite different from each other externally, the internal bones structure of a bat’s wings and human’s arms are similar.

Which pair of structures are homologous?

Here’s a list of homologous structures humans share with animals from the animal kingdom. Homologous structures include a dolphin’s flipper and a bird’s wings, a cat’s leg and a human’s arm.

Which of the following is an example of homologous structures quizlet?

Examples homologous structures include the bones of a cat’s leg, bird’s wing, whale’s flipper, and an arm. They are homologous as they were formed from the same embryonic tissue, but evolved into different mature structures.

What is an example of a homologous structures?

A common example of homologous structures are the forelimbs in vertebrates. These include the wings and arms of birds and primates, as well as the front flippers and arms of whales. The forelegs of four-legged vertebrates such dogs and crocodiles, which all come from the same ancestral Tetrapod structure.

Which of the following is an example of analogous structures?

But they all look the same and serve the same purpose. The wings of an insect, bird or bat, for example, would be similar structures. They all evolved to fly, but not at the same moment. However, mammals, birds and insects all developed the ability to fly at various times.

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What is the best example of complementary color scheme?

Examples for complementary color combinations:

  • Red and green.
  • Blue and orange.
  • Yellow and purple.
  • Yellow-green and red-purple.
  • Red-orange and blue-green.

What’s the opposite color of blue?


What is the complement of blue?


What Colour compliments midnight blue?

It looks great next to olive, which is the complementary color on its color wheel. Orange is a great color to pair with midnight blue. Yellow.