Which of these was not present at the Constitutional Convention

Which of these was not present at the Constitutional Convention

Which one of the following was not present at the Constitutional Convention

The original states, except Rhode Island, collectively appointed 70 individuals to the Constitutional Convention, but a number did not accept or could not attend. Richard Henry Lee and Patrick Henry were among those who didn’t attend.

What state was not represented at the convention?

Rhode Island

What were the 3 plans presented at the Constitutional Convention?

Activity 2: Three Plans on Representation Presented at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 provides background information to students on the three plans of representation presented by Randolph (Virginia Plan), Paterson (New Jersey Plan) and Hamilton (Hamilton Plan).

What colonies were at the Constitutional Convention?

READ MORE: How the United States Constitution Came to Be On May 25, 1787, delegates representing every state except Rhode Island convened at Philadelphia’s Pennsylvania State House for the Constitutional Convention.

What was the reason for the Constitutional Convention?

The Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia met between May and September of 1787 to address the problems of the weak central government that existed under the Articles of Confederation.

Who did the Constitutional Convention gave the job of choosing a chief executive to?


What was the greatest challenge for the delegates at the Constitutional Convention quizlet?

What was the biggest challenge for the delegates to the constitutional convention? How to balance the interests between large and small states. You just studied 15 terms!

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Why did the Federalists support the new constitution quizlet?

– What motivated Federalist to support the constitution? Federalist believed the Constitution gave the nation the authority it needed for effective functioning.

What were the major occupations of the Federalists?

The Federalists were involved in occupations that make people rich. They were mainly urban dwellers. They were merchants and high-ranking artisans. They were more likely to be large planters than small farmers when they came from rural areas.

What was the major concern for the group known as the Federalists?

The group that supported the new federal Constitution was known as the “Federalists”. They claimed that the new Constitution’s separation of powers and checks-and-balances system protected the people. One group cannot control the other.

What was the most important drawback of the Confederation government?

The biggest problem was the inability of the national government to impose taxes. To avoid the perception of “taxation with no representation”, the Articles of Confederation only allowed state governments to levy taxes. The national government needed money from the states to pay its expenses.

What was Jefferson’s interpretation of the Constitution?

Jefferson believed, as he did throughout his entire life, that every American should be able to stop the government from violating the liberties of its citizens. Certain liberties should be protected, including those of religion and speech, press, assembly, petition, and others.

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What describes a federalist?

The supporters of the Constitution were called “Federalists.” This name implied that they believed in a decentralized, loose system of government. They opposed the proposal because “federalism”, which implied a strong central government, was in many ways the opposite of what they wanted.