Which of these represented the greatest problem facing American commercial interests after the revolution?

Which of these represented the greatest problem facing American commercial interests after the revolution?

Which one of these represented the greatest problem facing American commercial interests at end of revolution?

Which one of these was the greatest challenge facing American commercial interests after the Revolution? The heavy tax burden on western Massachusetts farmers.

Which state’s Constitution granted suffrage to all inhabitants?

The provision on suffrage in the New Jersey state constitution of 1776 granted the right to vote to “all inhabitants” who were of legal age (21), owned property worth 50 English pounds (not necessarily a freehold), and resided in a county for at least one year.

How did the war affect the loyalists?

How was the revolution affecting loyalists, Native Americans and women? Most loyalists were prevented from returning home by state laws and mob violence. The war resulted in women losing few legal or political rights. Slaves were freed in the south after 1800.

What were the benefits of joining the Continental Army?

What Advantages Did The Continental Army Have? The advantages that the Continental Army enjoyed over the British army were many. Their greatest advantage was their fight for a grand cause, independence and freedom. This was very motivating.

What fighting style did Continental soldiers use?

If they were fighting on rough terrain with a small number of men, the British and Patriot forces would fight in skirmish fashion, using cover, in open lines. If both sides had large numbers of men on open terrain, they would fight in tight regimented lines.

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Why did the Continental Army struggle?

There were poor roads and people responsible for delivering supplies weren’t always honest. Also, ships had difficulty getting around British blockades. Sometimes, food and clothing, including blankets and clothing, were damaged or delayed, and sometimes the supplies arrived too late.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Continental Army?

While strengths are difficult to find, weaknesses are obvious. The major weakness of the Continental Army was its manpower. They were constantly short of capable and qualified men. General George Washington routinely had no more than 20,000 troops at one time and place.

Did the Continental Army get paid?

The Continental soldiers weren’t paid or received a fraction of the amount they owed. Many hoped for Congress’ promise, but were disappointed when they fell prey to speculators.

How much did Continental soldiers get paid?

Privates of the Continental army made about $6. 25 a month. A bounty was offered by Congress, the states, and towns to encourage soldiers to join the army. This was either a one-time payment or a grant in land.

Why did the British wear red coats?

While most technical and support arms of the army were in dark blue, the Royal Engineers wore red since the Peninsular War to draw more fire amongst the red-coated infantry. Scarlet tunics ceased to be general issue upon British mobilisation in August 1914.

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What was the average age of a soldier in World War II?

26 years

Who was the youngest soldier in the Civil War?

John Lincoln Clem

Why did the general cry in the Drummer Boy of Shiloh?

The General weeps because he pondered the future. It will take weeks to win the war, not weeks. He was afraid to think ahead. The story’s Drummer boy is more prominent than the soldiers.