Which molecule can be hydrolyzed the fastest with aqueous NaOH

Which molecule can be hydrolyzed the fastest with aqueous NaOH

Which molecular is hydrolyzed the slowest with aqueous NaOH

Which Would be Hydrolyzed Slowly with Aqueous NaOH CI MgBr 1 26.

Which of the following will react slowly with aqueous NaOH?

As an amide, it is the most stable acid derivative. It reacts slowly to NaOH and forms ester.

Which of the following statements best explains why protonation increases the rate of ester hydrolysis?

Which one of the following statements best describes why protonation causes ester hydrolysis to increase in speed?

The protonated leaving group, which is a stronger base, is more likely to be nucleophilic attacked because the carbonylcarbon in the protonated ester is more positive than that of the unprotonated ester.

Do esters react with acid?

When ethyl-ethanoate heated under reflux with dilute acid like dilute hydrochloric or dilute sulfuric acids, the ester reacts to the water present and produces ethanoic acid. The dilute acid acts as both an acid catalyst and water.

What is hydrolytic process?

Hydrolysis is a chemical reaction in which water molecules are added to substances. This can cause both the substance and the water molecule to be split into two pieces. These reactions result in one fragment of the target molecule or parent molecule gaining a hydrogen ion.

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Why is RNA not hydrolyzed by hydrochloric acid?

Acid Hydrolysis removes the DNA’s purin bases and unmasks all aldehyde group. The purple staining is caused by the reaction of aldehyde group with Schiff’s reagent. The HCl treatment does not hydrolyze RNA and the reaction is DNA-specific.

How is h2so4 formed?

Environmental aspects. Acid rain is composed of sulfuric acid. It is formed from atmospheric oxidation in the presence water of sulfur dioxide. oxidation sulfurous acid. When sulfur-containing fuels like coal or oil are burned, the main product is sulfur dioxide.

How is H2SO4 prepared in lab?

Sulphuric Acid is made from sulfur. The molten sulfur is burned first to make sulfur dioxide. Sulfur dioxide can then be converted to sulfur trioxide when there is a catalyst.

Which acid is prepared from Sulphur?


How h2so4 is manufactured by contact process?

Contact is a modern industrial method to produce sulfuric acid. It has mostly replaced the lead-chamber or chamber process. After being heated by a catalyst, sulfur dioxide and oxygen combine to form sulfur trioxide. This is then combined with water to create sulfuric acid.