Which explanation best describes one of the producer restrictions?

Which explanation best describes one of the producer restrictions?

Which best describes one of the producers’ restrictions?

The statement that best describes one of the limitations on producers that keeps the labor market from becoming a totally free market is “Workers aren’t always available when they’re needed.” Another restriction could include labor unions, which represent the interests workers in a negotiation.

What is it called when workers intentionally reduce their productivity?


When workers stop working entirely what is it called?

When workers cease working completely, it is known as either a strike, or retirement depending on the circumstances. On the other hand, retirement is when an employee turns 65 and can retire from the job or receive a pension.

How will an increase in population affect the labor market?

How will an increase of population impact the labor market? This will change the market supply curve. If a worker can produce 20 units of output which can be sold for $4 per unit, what is the maximum wage that firm should pay to hire this worker?

Which of the following best explains what happens when workers join a labor union?

This best describes what happens to workers when they join a labor union. Workers get more bargaining power.

Which best describes a quota?

A quota is a trade restriction that a government imposes that restricts the goods a country can import and export over a specific period. To regulate trade volume between countries, quotas are used in international trade.

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What are some examples of unions?

Additional Unions include:

  • National Postal Mail Handlers.
  • American Federation of Government Employees.
  • American Nurses Association.
  • International Union of Painters and Allied Trades.
  • Transport Workers Union of America.
  • International Alliance of Theatrical State Employees.

Which country has the strongest unions?

Labor> Trade union membership: Countries Compared

1 Sweden 82%
=2 Finland 76%
=2 Denmark 76%
4 Norway 57%