Which complex absorbs maximum wavelength light?

Which complex absorbs maximum wavelength light?

Which complex absorbs maximum wavelength light?

The octahedral compound [Ti(H2O]6]3+ contains a single electron. To excite this electron from the ground state t2g orbital to the eg orbital, this complex absorbs light from 450 to 600 nm. The maximum absorbance corresponds to Doct and occurs at 499 nm.

Which of the following complex ions absorb the light of minimum wavelength?

Co is found in +3 and is among the given ligands (CN).- The strongest ligand is Co. Because [Co(CN6 ]3- absorbs light at the lowest wavelength, it is therefore most stable.

Which of the following absorbs light the most?

A black wallet absorbs the most light.

Which is not correct a shadow is?

Answer to: A completely transparent object cannot cast shadows.

Which type of object can cast shadow?

The only astronomical objects that can project visible shadows onto Earth’s surface are the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Jupiter, if the conditions are right. The hemisphere of the planet facing its orbital star blocks its sunlight causes night. Moon eclipses are caused by the Earth’s shadow casting onto the Moon.

How can you change the size of shadow?

Indoors: You can adjust the size of shadows by moving your body or an object closer or further from the light source. As the object is closer to the light source, shadows become larger and more fuzzy. However, shadows will shrink and become sharper as it moves further away.

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Why does the size of shadow change?

As light moves towards an object, the shadow grows larger. The shadow shrinks as more light is reflected off the object. Shape: Shadows have the ability to change their form. The shadow will get longer and wider as the light gets closer to it.

What affects the size of shadows?

The size of the shadow is dependent on the object’s size, distance from light to object and distance from light to screen ….

Why does the length of the shadow change?

These changes are caused due to the position of light sources. On a sunny day, you can see how the shadows of our faces change over time. The length of the shadow depends on where the Sun is located in the sky. The shadows will be shorter …. when the Sun is high up in the sky.

Does the length of a shadow change from day to day?

Shadows lengthen throughout the day as the Earth rotates. This is because the angle at the sun shines onto stationary objects changes. In the opposite, shadows that are higher than the sun during the middle part of the day will appear shorter because the angle of the sun changes.

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Why does my shadow have a shadow?

To get two shadows out of one object, you will need two light sources. These can be either two real light sources or two reflections. A mirror’s reflection could be used as a second source of light, creating a second shadow …..

What do you need in order to have a shadow?

The three elements that make a shadow are: 1. A source of light. 2. An opaque object to block the light. II) An opaque object that blocks the light. III) A surface behind the object that makes the light fall on it ….