Where is Gambling legal World wide?

Where is Gambling legal World wide?

Online gambling is the new industry that’s taking the world by storm. It’s easy to understand what it is: an online version of going to the casino and playing slots or table games. There’s also online sports betting, which is becoming its own billion-dollar business. Several parts of the United States and Canadian provinces have started legalizing online gambling, expanding its presence in those countries. They join a list of countries that now have legal gambling.

Online Gambling In 2022

The sudden rise of online gambing comes down to convenience. Before internet servers and phone CPUs could handle gambling platforms, the only legal place to gamble was in casinos. For many people, especially those in remote areas, this meant taking a long drive, train, or even flight to actually get to a casino. With online gambling, almost anyone over 18 can play slots or poker from their computer or with a handy smartphone app. This simple act opened the door to so many more users, and has been leading to record revenue. This revenue, in turn, has inspired more countries to legalize online gambling.

Sports Betting Laws And Profits

Then there’s sports betting, which in some areas is its own legal thing. It’s important to distinguish this as countries that have one form of gambling legalized might not have another. In the US, for instance, some states passed sports betting laws but didn’t allow for online casinos.

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Sports betting is huge because, like with online casino games, online access lets more people get in on the fun. Betting on sports has been a practice for hundreds of years, but not always legally. This led to more secretive betting clubs among small groups. With the advent of online sports betting, people can connect to fans of the same sport with a tap of their phone. With more users involved, the jackpots get bigger and bigger. This promise of winning big, and the welcoming nature of apps, is attracting record numbers of new users. Finally, fantasy sports is another area helped by online sports betting. Fantasy sports fans are finding each other and forming leagues with ease.

All of this to say that there’s different kinds of betting. Now let’s look at where gambling is legal and in what forms.

The Americas

South and Central America are a patchwork of different laws when it comes to gambling. For many countries, gambling is mostly illegal except for instances of strict government allowance. This usually comes in the form of casinos. Accounts estimate that around 450 casinos exist in South America, so it’s not too hard to find a place to gamble if you’re visiting a resort. Interestingly enough, online gambling is widely allowed in much of Latin America.

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When it comes to the US and Canada, it breaks down state by state, or province. The majority of US states now have legal online gambling and sports betting, with sports betting being allowed in more cases. Casinos are accessible near most major US cities. In Canada, Ontario is the biggest for gambling. Ontario online casinos are coming in April and promise to revolutionize gambling in Canada.


 When it comes to online casinos, major EU players aren’t too fond of the idea. However, Cyprus, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Iceland, Luxembourg, Serbia, Slovakia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, and Germany allow online gambling in some form.


 As one might imagine, China and Russia are strictly against gambling. Japan, Kazakstan, and the Philippines, have legalized online casinos. India only allows gambling in two states.


 Algeria, Morocco, and South Africa are the small list that have legal online gambling.


 Australia is totally open to online gambling. New Zealand is a bit pickier, only allowing gambling sites operated out of NZ itself.