Where can I listen to live football commentary?

Where can I listen to live football commentary? 

  • Sky Sports App.
  • BT Sport App.
  • Premier Sports Player.
  • Amazon Prime.
  • DAZN.
  • 6streams.
  • 720pstream.
  • BatmanStream.

Where can I listen to live cricket commentary? BBC national and local radio provide commentary for domestic and international matches throughout the season. For the latest cricket commentary listings, check out the BBC Sport live guide here.

Who is doing the 5 Live commentary? Celebrating the life of You, Me & The Big C broadcaster Dame Deborah James. How to listen to 5 Live, our contact details, terms of use and privacy notice.

Who are the commentators on BBC Sport? 

  • Ian Birrell. Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. Emma Barnett. Simon Kelner. Esther Walker. Vicky Spratt. More i Columnists.
  • Tennis. Boxing. Fantasy Football.
  • Puzzles.

Where can I listen to live football commentary? – Additional Questions

Who are the commentators on BBC football?

Gabby Logan, Alex Scott, Reshmin Chowdhury, Eilidh Barbour and Kelly Somers are presenting the BBC coverage. The BBC have announced a punditry team that includes a host of former England internationals: Fara Williams.

Who is the female commentator on Match of the Day?

Jacqui Oatley MBE

Who is the female sports presenter on BBC Breakfast today?

Katherine Downes (born 11 June 1982) is an English television presenter who works on the BBC News Channel and BBC Breakfast, specialising in sports coverage.

Who is commentating on Wales v France?

Presented by Gabby Logan with commentary from Eddie Butler and Jonathan Davies. Live coverage from the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, where Wales host France in what is always an entertaining fixture.


Role Contributor
Presenter Gabby Logan
Commentator Eddie Butler

Who is Kelly Somers?

Kelly Somers is an experienced events host and football presenter and reporter who works regularly for BBC, Amazon, Premier League Productions (PLP). At PLP, Kelly presents Fanzone and Premier League Today, as well as regularly featuring on their Fantasy Premier League output.

Who is Betty Glover?

Main news reporter and Deputy presenter.

Who is Becky Ives?

Becky Ives is a UK-based reporter and presenter. Becky is widely recognised on screen as a Presenter for Premier League Today, reporting on BT Sport Score, Rangers TV and Bleacher Report’s football news show and fronting online content for the likes of ESPN.

How old is Kenny Dalglish?

71 years (March 4, 1951)
Kenny Dalglish / Age

Who is Emma Saunders?

Emma Saunders is currently the lead anchor for BBC 5Live Sport throughout the UEFA Women’s Euros 2022 coverage. She is also a Sky Sports presenter across their football output and is seen weekly presenting and reporting on Sky Sports Premier League, EFL and WSL live broadcasts, and ‘Soccer Saturday’.

How old is Kelly Dalglish?

46 years (September 28, 1975)
Kelly Cates / Age

Who is Kelly Dalglish married?

Tom Cates
Kelly Cates / Spouse (m. 2007)

Who is Kelly Dalglish husband?

Tom Cates
Kelly Cates / Husband (m. 2007)

Who is the female presenter on Sky Sports?

Hayley McQueen. Jo Wilson. Rachel Gredley.

Who is the female boxing commentator?

Crystina Poncher (born July 20, 1984) is currently a commentator, host and reporter for Top Rank Boxing on ESPN. She previously served as host, reporter and correspondent for NFL Network and NFL.com.