Where can I find local sports card shows?

Where can I find local sports card shows? 

What sports cards are trending? 

21 Sports Cards and Trading Cards That Helped Shape the Hobby in 2021
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  2. 2020-21 Panini National Treasures LaMelo Ball RC Auto Patch #130 /99.
  3. 2020 Topps Chrome Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton #1.
  4. 2020 Panini National Treasures Justin Herbert RC Auto Patch #138 /99.
  5. 2021 Absolute Kaboom Mac Jones #K44.

What is the most popular sport card? 

Top 10 Selling Sports Cards of All Time
  1. $5,200,000. Mickey Mantle 1952 Topps.
  2. $3,936,000. Mike Trout 2009 Bowman Chrome Draft Prospects Autographed Superfractor.
  3. $3,250,000. Honus Wagner 1909-11 T206.
  4. $1,857,300.
  5. $1,845,000.
  6. $1,290,000.
  7. $1,168,500.
  8. $1,045,500.

What sports cards are worth buying? 

What are the best sports cards to invest in 2022?
  • Mickey Mantle cards. Mickey Mantle’s 1952 Topps Rookie Card is without a doubt one of the most coveted sports cards in the world.
  • Honus Wagner cards.
  • Luka Dončić rookie cards.
  • Mike Trout cards.
  • Ronald Acuna Jr.

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What cards are worth collecting?

Here are some of the most unique baseball trading cards of all time:
  • Mickey Mantle 1952 Topps PSA 9.
  • Mike Trout 2009 Bowman Chrome Superfractor Auto BGS 9/10.
  • Roberto Clemente 1955 Topps PSA 9.
  • Luka Doncic 2018-19 Panini National Treasures Logoman 1/1.
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo 2013-14 National Treasures Logoman Patch Auto 1/1.

What NBA cards should I buy?

Top Basketball Card Brands of 2021
  • Panini Prizm. (View eBay Listings) Year after year these cards never cease to fail to live up to the lofty expectations of fans from all across the world.
  • Panini Select. (View eBay Listings)
  • National Treasures. (View eBay Listings)

What baseball cards from the 80’s and 90’s are worth money?

Most Valuable Baseball Cards of the 80’s and 90’s: Our Favorites
  • 1987 Donruss Barry Bonds Error.
  • 1993 Finest Refractor Ken Griffey.
  • 1991 Topps Desert Shield Chipper Jones.
  • 1990 Topps Frank Thomas No Name.
  • 1989 Ken Griffey Jr. Upper Deck.
  • 1988 Craig Biggio.
  • 1993 SP FOIL Derek Jeter.
  • 1985 Topps Mark McGwire.

What are the best football cards to buy right now?

Best football card packs to buy
  • 2020 Panini Mosaic Football Card Pack. The 2020 Panini Mosaic Football Card pack is by far the best card pack to buy.
  • 2020 Panini Prizm Football Card Pack.
  • 2017 Panini Prizm Football Card Pack.
  • 2017 Panini Donruss Optic Football Cello Fat Packs.

How much money does it cost to grade a card?

PSA grading costs range anywhere from $20 per card all the way up to $10,000 per card, depending on the value of the card, the age of the card, how many cards you’re submitting at one time, how fast you want the turnaround to be, and other factors. Below is a complete rundown of the PSA grading cost levels.

Are Fleer cards worth anything?

Like the 1989 Donruss, Topps and Score sets, these cards were printed in such huge numbers that the market for them became oversaturated. The only way they can have much value is by either being the Glossy version (Fleer’s limited, premium set) and/or being graded by PSA to be in perfect, gem mint condition (PSA 10).

How much is a Billy Ripken card worth?

Over 30 years after it was released, the 1989 Fleer Bill Ripken continues to be one of the most sought-after error cards out on the market. A gem-mint PSA 10 copy of this error card is going for $600, while PSA 9s are at the $100 level. Moreover, the highest raw copy over on eBay sold for $90.

Are Topps cards worth anything?

The short answer? Most probably yes—not only fueled by the latest acquisition by Fanatics but also given the general resurgence of the sports trading card industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How much is the Billy Ripken error card worth?

What ensued was absolute chaos and—as the “error” card’s price rose to nearly $500—there were some amazing stories. A kid, who happened to be a fan of Ripken, had purchased a huge lot of No. 616’s from a dealer for $50. When the curse was found, the new worth of the cards was closer to $20,000.

What Derek Jeter cards are worth money?

16 Most Valuable Derek Jeter Rookie Cards
  • 1993 SP #279.
  • 1992 Little Sun High School Prospects Auto.
  • 1993 Upper Deck #449 Gold Hologram.
  • 1992 Front Row Gold #55.
  • 1993 Topps Micro #98.
  • 1992 Classic Four Sport Autographs #231.
  • 1992 Fleer Pro Cards Gulf Coast Yankees.
  • 1993 Topps #98 Colorado Rockies Inaugural Year.

How much is a Nolan Ryan rookie card?

Estimated Worth: Venezuelan Nolan Ryan rookies can be worth thousands of dollars even in low grade. A copy graded as PSA 4.5 VG-EX condition sold for $18,880 in late 2016.

What is a Cal Ripken rookie card worth?

Cal Ripken Jr. #98T 1982 Topps Traded
Sale Date ▲ ▼ Title ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ Price
2022-07-31 1982 Topps Traded #98T Cal Ripken Jr. Rookie Card RC PSA 8 $255.00
2022-07-30 CAL RIPKEN JR 1982 Topps Traded PSA 8 #98T #98T $190.00
2022-07-30 1982 Topps Traded # 98T Cal Ripken Jr. Rookie PSA 8 NM-MT #98 $218.50

What is a Joe Montana rookie card worth?

Joe Montana Rookie Card Value

These days a Montana rookie card in a PSA 10 holder usually sell for around $15,000 or so. If you’re lucky you can get one for a bit less than that but don’t count on it. Once you start looking in the PSA 9 range, then you should generally expect to pay between $600 and $900.