What were the positive effects that British rule had on India?

What were the positive effects that British rule had on India?

What were the positive effects that British rule had on India?

Some of Britain’s positive contributions are: (i) The introduction of Railways. The British introduced railways which were a major breakthrough in India’s development. It broke down cultural and geographic barriers and allowed Indian agriculture to be commercialized.

What was the negative effect of British rule on India?

Under British rule, Indians were deprived of any political or decision-making power. India lost its identity and was once known for its rich cultural heritage, but became a slave to the British.

What were the 2 most negative things that the British did to India?

The British controlled India and taxed everything made in India and exported raw materials. This caused widespread famine and forced many Indians to become interpreters to reap the benefits. …

What were the consequences of British colonization in India

Colonialism was definitely more difficult for colonial subjects that their colonisers. They were subject to poverty, malnutrition and disease as well as cultural upheaval and political disadvantage.

How did British imperialism begin in India?

Britain arrived in India in 1858 to take advantage of the lucrative resources available to them. 1947 to leave India before civil war broke out. They took whatever resources they wanted and left India in horrible shape.

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Where is Indian origin?

Indians were born in three waves of migration from Asia, Iran and Africa. The Indian population originated from three separate waves of migration from Africa, Iran and Central Asia over a period of 50,000 years, scientists have found using genetic evidence from people alive in the subcontinent today

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