What were the most important features of Indus Valley civilization’s Indus Valley civilization?

What were the most important features of Indus Valley civilization’s Indus Valley civilization?

What were the main features in Indus Valley civilization’s Indus Valley civilization?

Origin & Salient Features of Indus Valley Civilization

  • The first common feature is IndusScript on seals.
  • Town planning is the second most important feature.
  • A fortified citadel in most of the cities.
  • Houses equipped with kitchens, wells, tanks, or water reservoirs.
  • Use of standard weights throughout the civilization.
  • Presence wheel-made pottery.

What is Harappa famous for?

The people of the Indus valley, also known by Harappa (Harappa is the first city found in the region by archaeologists), made many technological advances, including the accuracy with which they measured length and mass.

What was the main feature of Harappa civilization?

The main towns of Indus valley civilization are Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro as well as Kalibangan and Lothal. 2. Personal cleanliness, town planning and construction of burnt brick houses are the most important features of Indus Valley civilization. Ceramics, casting, forging metals, production of cotton and woolen textiles are also some of its key features. 3.

What led to the Indus Valley civilization?

It started when farmers from the mountains gradually moved between their mountain homes and the lowland river valleys, and is End. to the Hakra Phase, identified in the Ghaggar-Hakra River Valley to the west, and predates the Kot Diji Phase (2800-2600 BCE, Harappan 2), named after a site in northern Sindh, Pakistan.

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Who found Indus Valley civilization?

Sir John Hubert Marshall

In what country is Harappa located now?

Harappa is a village in eastern Punjab province of eastern Pakistan. It lies on the left bank of a now dry course of the Ravi River, west-southwest of the city of Sahiwal, about 100 miles (160 km) southwest of Lahore.

Where is Harappa located now?

The Indus River valley was home to the Harappan civilization. The two largest cities of the Harappan civilization, Harappa (now Pakistan) and Mohenjo-daro (now Pakistani Sindh), are located in these provinces. Its reach reached as far south and far as the Gulf of Khambhat, as well as as as far as the Yamuna (Jumna), River.

Who was the king of Mohenjo Daro?

Priest King

Which is the largest site of Indus civilization?


Who discovered Harappa Sabhyata?

Rai Bahadur Daya Ram Sahni

Who ruled over Harappa?

Though there is no evidence that priests or monarchs ruled Mohenjo-daro, archaeologists dubbed this dignified figure a “Priest-King.” The sculpture is 17.5 centimetres (6.9 in) tall, and shows a neatly bearded man with pierced earlobes and a fillet around his head, possibly all that is left of a once-elaborate …

Who invented Mohenjo Daro civilization?

R. D. Banerji

Who discovered lothal?

Archaeologist S.R. Rao

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Who discovered Lothal in India?

archaeologist S R Rao

Where is lothal found?

Ahmedabad district

How old is lothal?


Who found Kalibangan?

Luigi Tessitori

What was found in Ropar?

These excavations show a cultural sequence that runs from Harappan to the medieval period. The important exhibits include antiquities from Harappan, Chandragupta’s gold coins and copper- and bronze implements. S. Hari Singh Rais of Sialba conquered Ropar in 1763 A.D.

How can you say Lothal was a prosperous port of ancient India?

Answer. Lothal was an ancient port that was prosperous. During archaeological excavations, a rectangular basin was found bound by bricks all around. This is believed to be the dockyard.

Where is Lothal and Dholavira located?

The museum’s Harappan finds form an important part. They were taken from two important Harappan sites in India: Dholavira & Lothal.

Which is the port city of Indus Valley civilization?


Which town is considered as an important port of Indus Valley civilization?

Lothal, an excavated site in the Indus Valley Civilisation is the only port-town.

What are the major sites of Indus Valley civilization?

Harappa and Mohanjodaro, Banawali, and Dholavira can be considered the four major Harappan Sites ….. There are seven cities of importance in the Indus valley civilization

  • Mohanjodaro.
  • Harappa.
  • Kalibangan.
  • Lothal.
  • Chanhudaru.
  • Dholavira.
  • Banawali.
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