What was the reason Firenze was exiled by other centaurs

What was the reason Firenze was exiled by other centaurs

Why were the other centaurs able to exterminate Firenze?

Firenze greeted Harry, stating that they had been destined to meet again. Firenze tells the class that he would prefer to teach in The Forbidden Forest but has been expelled by his herd because he is too sympathetic towards humans.

Who did Harry and his friends meet by accident at St Mungo’s Hospital?

The Closed Ward Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, and Ginny Weasley inadvertently visited this floor on Christmas day, 1995. They met Gilderoy Lockhart while they were there and followed him to the Janus Thickey Ward, a.k.a. ward 49), where he was staying.

What had been odd about the prophecy made by Sibyll Trelawney quizlet?

Answer Expert verified It was strange that the Answer Expert could have referenced multiple people. The text stated that Voldemort would be defeated by a boy born close to the end of July. However, there were actually two boys born at the time: Harry Longbottom and Neville Longbottom. Voldemort believed it was Harry, so he killed him.

Why was Hermione happy about the Quibbler being banned quizlet?

Why did Hermione feel so happy about an educational decree that banned THE QUIBBLER from being taught? It promised that Harry’s interview would be read by everyone at Hogwarts. Harry’s mother was furious with his father. He clearly didn’t like Harry.

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What did kreacher tell Bellatrix?

Unlike Regulus who treated Kreacher like he wasn’t worth anything, Sirius ordered Kreacher around with ruthlessness. This treatment made Kreacher bitter about Sirius and he later lied to Bellatrix about how he could exploit Harry’s close relationship. It eventually led to Sirius’ death.

What happened in the Department of Mysteries?

It took place on 18 June 1996, after the powerful Dark Wizard Lord Voldemort secretly lured his archenemy Harry Potter to the Department of Mysteries inside the British Ministry of Magic in London in an effort to obtain the prophecy concerning his futuristic defeat at Potter’s hands, as the young wizard was the one …

What shocked Harry before the Dursleys left?

Harry was stunned when Dudley said that Harry wasn’t a waste space.

How did Harry know the sword of Gryffindor could destroy Horcruxes?

Hermione and Harry are thrilled with the information they have learned. The sword can kill Horcruxes as it is impregnated in basilisk venom. Harry counters that Harry and Hermione knew exactly what they signed up for when they came with him. He also told them everything Dumbledore had told them.

What does bathilda Bagshot say to Harry in parseltongue?

Harry and Hermione find themselves on the first floor in Bathilda’s house. Nagini, inside the corpses of Bathilda, tells Harry to “Come!” From the next room at Parseltongue. As Voldemort instructed her to hold Harry, it is possible that Nagini deliberately did not give Harry such a severe bite.

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What did the gray lady tell Harry?

‘I took the diadem,” Helena said to Harry during the Battle of Hogwarts. I wanted to be smarter and more important than my mother. It was my escape. Helena fled to Albania in her mother’s diadem. She never achieved her goals.