What was the immediate cause of the War of Independence

What was the immediate cause of the War of Independence

What was the immediate cause of the War of Independence?”

The immediate cause was Enfield rifles. Rumours circulated that the cartridges used to make the rifles were greased using fat from cows and pigs. This led to the Mutiny.

What factors led to the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857?

  • Three main causes led to the Sepoy Mutiny.
  • The British East India Trading Company’s military structure, which separated the employment of native Indians based on an Indian cast system, further perpetuated ideas of racial inequalities between British and Indian cultures.

Who led the revolt of 1857?

List of Important Leaders associated with the revolt of 1857

Place Revolt of 1857 -Important Leaders
Kanpur Nana Sahib, Rao Sahib, Tantia Tope, Azimullah Khan
Jhansi Rani Laxmibai
Bihar Kunwar Singh, Amar Singh
Rajasthan Jaidayal Singh and Hardayal Singh

Who led the revolt of 1857 in Awadh?

Maulavi Ahmadullah Shah

Who was the Nawab of Awadh before the outbreak of revolt of 1857?

Birjis Qadr
Nawab of Awadh
6th Nawab of Awadh
Reign 5 July 1857 – 3 March 1858
Predecessor Wajid Ali Shah

Who was the last ruler of Awadh?

Wajid Ali Shah

What was the most fundamental weakness of the revolt of 1857?

The fundamental weakness was a shortage of modern weapons, and other war materials. It was poor, lacked unity and command, and had poor discipline. The British army was stronger and better equipped.

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Is Awadh and Lucknow same?

Lucknow is the traditional capital of Awadh, and also the station for the British Resident. It is now the capital of Uttar Pradesh.

Who was the last Nawab of Awadh Class 12?

Wajid Al Shah was the last Nawab from Awadh.

Who is the Nawab of Ayodhya?

WHO declared the state Awadh independent?

Saadat Khan Burhan Ul Mulk

Why did Dalhousie annexed Awadh?

Awadh, which was economically and strategically important to the Company, was annexed in Dalhousie. The annexation of Awadh put the people of Awadh to misery and annoyed their sentiments because of which they actively participated in the revolt of 1857.

Why was Awadh annexed twice?

Answer: “On 7 February 1856 by order of Lord Dalhousie, General of the East India Company, the king of Oudh (Wajid Ali Shah) was deposed, and its kingdom was annexed to British India under the terms of the Doctrine of lapse on the grounds of alleged internal misrule. “

Which state did he annex in the British empire under the allegation of mal administration?

state Awadh

How did the company take over Awadh?

Answer. In1856, lord Dalhousie annexed awadh to company’s dominions on pretext of alleged misrule.