What Roof Tiles Are The Best?

What Roof Tiles Are The Best?

There are different selections of roof tiles for your home that are available in the market nowadays. Some roof tiles have short lifespans while others need some regular maintenance to last. Having the right roof tiles is significant for the aesthetic look and design of your home. Most of the common types of roofs are suitable for tiles and they can be used also as flat roofing materials. This article is all about the best roof tiles in the UK.

What are the Best Roof Tiles?

It is important to know the fundamental elements of roof construction which is durability because you need to pick the kind of roof that is resilient enough to last.

Clay Tiles

These roof tiles are traditional roofer’s favourites that are renowned for their durability, impressive strength, and are still one of the best options when it comes to your roof. One of the most pleasing features of clay is having a variety of beautiful finishes. Hard-wearing clay structures are built to withstand heavy hails, rains, extreme temperatures, strong winds, and even fire. Clay is the tile choice of many Mediterranean people which expands to UK residents as these tiles preserve their colour for at least 50 years. They are much lighter compared to concrete tiles and only require a lower absorption rate. Clay roof tiles are proven to be durable as you can still see today those roof tiles that were created hundreds of years ago.

Natural Slates

Another well-known choice in terms of durability and resilience is the natural slate. Slate is one of the most durable roofing materials currently sold in the market and is known to be popular because of its different styles. These tiles offer a beautiful aesthetic finish like clay and can withstand all kinds of weather extremes like high winds, hail, and hot temperatures. Its natural compositions make it non-combustible or fireproof. Natural Slate is the most common type of slate as there are other types like Welsh Slate, Spanish Slate, and man-made slate. They can have a lifespan of 150 years which depends also on their quality. These tiles are more common in conservation areas and listed buildings and they are much easier to break during installation as they are brittle.

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Metal Roof Tiles

These tiles are ideal for creating a sturdy and tough roof structure with its durable and resilient properties. They are made to survive stormy weather conditions and have the best resistance to fire, mildew, rot, and insects.

Concrete Roofing Tiles

Concrete tiles are the most cost-effective roof tiles option. These tile materials are composed of cement, sand, and water. The hard nature of concrete tiles makes them impermeable to extreme weather conditions. Most concrete roofing tiles companies will guarantee you that these tiles will last up to 30 years or longer.

Which Roof Tiles Will Last Longer?

According to an article on CheckaRoof if you want to have a roof tile that will last in the long run, it is necessary to choose a roof tile that has a good lifespan. Concrete and clay roof tiles are roof tile materials that will last long having a potential life expectancy of more than 100 years. Another best option for roof tile in terms of its longevity is slate tiles. Although its lifespan depends on its quality with care and initial installation, most slate tiles will last between 60 to 150 years.

Best Roof Tiles for Increasing Energy Efficiency


Having an energy-efficient home is more comfortable to live in, cheaper to run, and is better for mother nature. Metal is energy-efficient roofing material. Metal tiles reflect the radiant heat coming from the sun which minimises heat gain and keeps your home or building at a cooler temperature during the summer months. These roof tiles will reduce electricity as you will not use air conditioning all the time.

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Concrete Tiles and Asphalt Shingles

Concrete tiles also help in trapping heat below roof structures due to their heavy thermal mass. During cold winter months, you can enjoy having a more comfortable and regulated internal temperature in your home without turning on the thermostat. Other roof tiles that are energy-efficient are the asphalt shingles that are manufactured with special granules that will help in reducing the absorption of heat. They provide better air circulation to have an overall enhanced energy efficiency level.

Best Roof Tiles for Contemporary Style

There is a range of modern roof tiles that are ideal for contemporary style properties. If you are looking for roof tiles with a luxurious and natural appearance, slate tiles are the best option for you. They offer an organic sense of beauty and elegant design that give your home a premium and classic finish. For those who want to have the design or look like slate tiles and want to have an affordable option, lightweight roof tiles are another option for roof tiles of modern houses. These tiles are available in a wide span of styles with versatile designs and colours to perfectly fit the beauty of your contemporary property.

Best Roof Tiles for Traditional Style Properties

Clay tile is a classic option for a traditional type of home. Clay adds an unrivalled level of charm, elegance, and character to your property. These tiles give you the freedom to make a unique roof finish with a variety of profiles available. Metal roof tiles are also the best choice for traditional properties. They are designed to mimic the traditional aesthetics of concrete and clay with a combination of strength and practicality of modern manufacturing that have the charming look of its classic materials. They are the best choice for those homeowners who want to have the ageless appearance of concrete or clay at home with enhanced practicality and easier installation.

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Best Roof Tiles For Windy Areas

If you are residing in an area that normally experiences high winds and stormy conditions, it’s important to have strong roof tiles that are strong enough to withstand these harsher weather disturbances. Clay tiles are best enough to survive all weather conditions without any damage due to their high-strength build and durable properties. Metal roof tiles are also built to stay longer in place whether it is raining or enduring the heat of the sun. They are very strong and sturdy enough when strong winds strike or storms happen.