What Resources Teachers Should Use to Improve Their Teaching Process?

What Resources Teachers Should Use to Improve Their Teaching Process?

Teachers are the most important resource in schools, and teachers need all the help they can get. That’s because teaching is one of those jobs that never gets easier as you move up the ranks. If anything, it becomes more challenging as time goes on. What teachers need is assistance in improving their teaching process.

This doesn’t mean they need help with curriculum, instructional strategies, or classroom management—it means that, when they can, teachers need to have tools at their disposal to help them improve the way they teach. Let’s talk about some of those tools.


This is a new and easier way to connect with parents. Klassly is a Teacher app that helps childs’ families in becoming more active in their children’s education while obtaining support and trust. You can share different files such as photos, videos, documents, events, and many more with parents. The aim is to create an environment where children and parents connect with each other, creating transparency in all levels of education.

Parents can interact in a structured manner under the supervision of the teacher. Teachers begin private chats, and parents can request particular topics for discussion.


A game-based learning platform that makes it easier for teachers to deliver effective lessons, Kahoot! is a sight to behold.  The platform is so intuitive and easy-to-use that it’s hard to believe anyone, even a newcomer, would have no trouble using it. Teachers can easily create quizzes by using the software, and they can also assign points to students according to their scores.

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This way, your lectures will be quite exciting! Teachers can also use Kahoot! for their own benefit—for example, if you want to review a lesson or prepare for an exam.


A web-based project management application, Trello helps teachers stay organized. There are many features that make it easy for teachers to use—Trello has a simple interface that will give you all the details on your projects, and it’s also extremely intuitive. It’s simple enough for first-time users, yet powerful for advanced users.

Trello saves time and energy by giving teachers a quick overview of what needs to be done in their projects. With so many features, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting important tasks—just check Trello!

Google Classroom

Teachers can use Google Classroom to manage their students’ activities. With Google Classroom, teachers can create and collect assignments quickly and easily—and that’s not all. Teachers can also mention students by sending them emails and remind them about due dates for tasks and other responsibilities. Plus, all grades will be updated automatically! This is a must-have app for online classes or even traditional ones.


Lastly, we have to mention Zoom. It’s one of the best video conferencing tools out there. Teachers can use Zoom to host webinars and connect with their students in a more personal manner.  With Zoom, teachers can share files, give lectures and presentations, and even conduct polls. This way, teachers can improve their lessons and make them more dynamic by focusing on the needs of their students.

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In the modern world of education, teachers are constantly looking for new ways to improve their teaching process. Thankfully, there are a number of apps that can help with this! Whether you’re creating quizzes or assigning points in Kahoot!, broadcasting lectures on Zoom, or trying to involve parents in the educational process with Klassly, apps can do the trick.