What quadrant 2 trig functions can be considered positive?

What quadrant 2 trig functions can be considered positive?

What trig functions in quadrant 2 are positive?

In quadrant I, “Smart”, only sine and its reciprocal, cosecant are positive. Quadrant III, “Trig”, only tangent (and its reciprocal function, called cotangent) are positive. In quadrant IV, “Class”, only cosine is positive, as well as its reciprocal function secant.

What is an example of putting first things first?

The big rock-small stone principle is a great example. Your life can be viewed as a jar. The big rocks should be put first. This will allow the smaller rocks to settle in the cracks and fit in the jar. This is similar to how urgent tasks work in real life.

Do you do important things first?

Putting the first things first is about focusing on the most important aspects of your life. This means knowing your priorities and putting them into action.

Why is it important to put first thing first?

Putting the first things first holds you responsible for your time. If you set a time limit for your most important goals, you will want to complete them in that time. Otherwise, you must give reasons why you are not able to.

How many habits focus on personal changes?

seven habits

What is an example of Think Win Win?

The win/lose: I beat you Sports, school and sibling rivalries all show win/win forms of the win/lose paradigm. There are times when Win/Lose is appropriate. However, most people prefer cooperation to competition.

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What is a win/win mentality?

Winwin is a way of thinking and feeling that seeks out mutual benefits in all human interactions. Win-win is when solutions or agreements are mutually beneficial.

What is a win/win mindset?

WinWin refers to agreements or solutions that are mutually beneficial and mutually satisfying. A Win-Win solution is one that all parties are happy with the outcome and commit to the plan. Win-Win views life as a cooperative and not competitive environment.

What are the key paradigms of Habit 4?

Part 3, Habit 4 : Think Win/Win (Public Victory)

  • There are six paradigms of human interaction: Win/Lose, Lose/Win, Lose/Lose, Win, Win/Win, and Win/Win or No Deal.
  • With Win/Lose one party succeeds at the expense of another; it is an authoritarian approach.

What is win-win relationship?

Win-win relationships take time and effort. Win-win relationships are when both parties experience positive outcomes. It could turn out to be better than they imagined. If only one side sees the positive outcome, it is called a win-lose.

Why is it important to seek first to understand then to be understood?

Stephen Covey describes this fifth habit as the seventh in his book “7 Habits of Highly Successful People”. It is crucial: First, understand and then be understood. Real understanding is the best way to affirm another person’s words and views. A person who listens is usually better than one.

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How do you seek first to understand then to be understood?

The 7 Habits for Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey is one my favorite books. Dr. Stephen Covey’s message, Habit 5: Seek first to understand, then to be understood, is that people make their opinions based upon their own experiences.

WHO said it is better to understand then to be understood?

Stephen R. Covey

Why do we need to be understood?

It may not seem like much – empathically understanding – but it is! To feel at ease in our skin, we must understand that our bodies and minds make sense. Through interactions with others, we learn how our thoughts and emotions make sense.