What products are produced by a neutralization reaction of potassium hydroxide and hydrofluoric acid?

What are the products of a neutralization reaction between potassium hydroxide and hydrofluoric acid?

In general, neutralization refers to a reaction between an alkali and a base which results in the formation salt and water. The Refinery’s HF (the acid), was mixed with potassium hydroxide, the base (commonly known as lye), and water. This reaction results in potassium fluoride salt, and water.

What are the products of the reaction between HCl and NaOH?

Hydrochloric acid reacts with sodium hydroxide to form sodium chloride (the salt) and water. Na+ cations (NaOH) from the base and Cl- anions (HCl) make up sodium chloride. HCl+NaOH-H2O+NaCl.

Does hydrochloric acid diffuse faster than ammonia gas?

Ammonia gas, NH_3, will diffuse quicker than Hydrochloric acid HCl, because NH_3 has a lighter mass than HCL. Therefore, it diffuses faster.

Why ammonia diffuses faster than hydrochloric acid gas?

Answer : Explanation: Because NH3 is lighter that HCL, it diffuses faster. Because ammonia has a lower molecular mass than HCL, it will diffuse faster and travel longer distances. NH3 is also lighter than HCL.

What is the action of hydrochloric acid on na2co3?

Hydrochloric acid reacts with sodium carbonate to give sodium chloride with the release of CO2 gas.

How can we prove the speed of diffusion of ammonia is more than the speed of hydrochloric acid?

Answer. Two pieces of cotton should be placed on opposite ends of a tube about one meter in length. Concentrated hydrochloric acid is used to soak one piece of cotton. This produces HCl gas. The HCl side of the white ring will be closer than the NH3 side. This is because NH3 diffuses faster than HCl.

How do you prove that the speed of diffusion?

Put the cotton swabs in the tube simultaneously. You will see a white ring appear in the tube when the NH3 and HCl gases diffuse through the tube. This white ring will be closer than the NH3 side to indicate that the NH3 diffuses faster.