What phrases are examples of assonance?

What phrases are examples of assonance?

Which phrases include an example of assonance?

Explanation: Assonance is a figure of speech or a sound feature that consists of repeating vowel sounds in a verse or phrase, especially the tonic syllables….the right answers are:

  • The stars in the darkness.
  • gloves, and a globe.
  • like a light ride.

What phrases have assonance example?

Assonance is the repetition of vowel sounds within words that have different endings. As an example, “he fell asleep beneath the cherry tree” is a phrase that has assonance. It involves the repetition of the long vowel “e”, despite the fact the words containing this vowel don’t end in perfect rhymes.

Which statement best describes the effect of the assonance in this excerpt quizlet?

Which sentence best describes the effects of the assonance described in this excerpt? The assonance produces a pleasant and interesting sound.

Which sentence best explains the similarities between the excerpt from digging and the haiku?

The correct answer is “Both are concerned with the topic of farming.” “Digging” is a poem written by Seamus Harvey in 1964.

Which statement best describes a difference between the excerpt from digging in the haiku?

The best way to describe the differences between the excerpt from “Digging” and the haiku? The excerpt from “Digging”, which shifts from one moment to the next, while the haiku only describes one moment in the past.

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Which statement best explains the effect of the word straining?

Explanation: The statement that best explains the effect of the word “straining” in the excerpt is option A which says It emphasizes that working in fields is difficult and strenuous.

What’s the meaning of straining?

strain verb, (PRESSURE). To become stretched or to feel pressure or make something do this. Playing squash, I pulled a muscle in my lower back.

What is an example of smooth muscle?

Smooth muscle moves food through the digestive system. Smooth muscle helps the body absorb nutrients better. All sphincters of the digestive system are composed of smooth muscle. Smooth muscle is responsible for pushing out urine from the bladder.

What diseases are associated with the muscular system?

Common primary diseases of the muscle system include inflammatory myopathies (such as polymyositis or dermatomyositis), myasthenia gravis. Amyotrophic lateral Sclerosis, rhabdomyolysis and cardiomyopathy are all common.

What does nerve damage in mouth feel like?

Symptoms of Nerve Injury Loss of sensation, tingling, or burning sensation in the cheek. A loss of sensation, tingling, or burning sensation in your lips. A loss of sensation, tingling, or burning sensation in your jaw. Incapable of distinguishing between hot and cold liquids and foods.