What number would be the next in the pattern 1 324?

What number would be the next in the pattern 1 324?

What would be the next number in the pattern 1 324?

The answer is 1/4. Each number increases by a multiple 3. 1/324 x 3=1/108….1/108 x 3=1/36…etc. So 1/12 x 3=1/4.

How do you evaluate the expression for the given value of the variable?

To evaluate an expression, substitute the variable number for the variable and then simplify it using the order of operations. Substitute 3 for x in your expression to evaluate it, then simplify.

What are the factors of the expression?

Factor is a multiplier of something else. A factor could be a number or variable, a term, or a longer expression. The expression 7x(y+3) is an example of this. It has three factors, 7, 7, and x.

How do you find the like terms of an expression?

When we examine algebraic terms in order to find like terms we first ignore the coefficients. We then only consider terms that have the same variables and the same exponents. These terms are known as like terms. Because each term has the same variable “a”, all four of the terms are similar.

What is a numerical expression give an example?

Numeric Expressions perform operations on numbers. A numeric expression is, for example, 2(3+8). An algebraic expression must contain at least one variable as well as at least one operation (addition subtraction multiplication, division). Example: 2(x+8y) is an example of an algebraic expression.

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What is the value of a numerical expression?

Value is the expression where each variable was replaced with numbers from the domains they were defined. The value of a Digit is an abbreviation for the numerical value that is associated with a particular digit.

How do you find the numerical value of a name?

To calculate the value of a name, multiply each number that corresponds to the letters. To get a single number, add the two numbers together if the total number exceeds a double-digit. (For example, if your name number is 21, the numerical value is three). The only exception is if your name number is either 11 or 22.