What is the yield of the number of moles solute?

What is the yield of the number of moles solute?

What yields the moles of solute?

Mass Of Solute and Molar mass The number of moles is equal to mass of the solute or molar solute. Mass is measured in grams, while molar mass (defined in grams as the mass one mole of a substance) is measured by g/mol.

Which of the following operations usually make a substance dissolve faster in a solvent?

Stirring a solvent into a solute speeds up its rate of dissolution because it helps distribute solute particles throughout that solvent. The sugar will dissolve quicker if you add sugar to your iced tea and stir it.

How do you calculate solute?

One method is to use molarity, which is the most common method in chemistry. Molarity can be described as: Molarity=moles solute/liters solution. You can calculate the number of moles …. if you know the concentration (molarity) of a solution.

In which solution solvent is gas and solute is solid?

Solute-Solvent Combinations

Solute State Solvent State Example
liquid liquid alcohol in water
gas liquid carbon dioxide in water
solid solid zinc in copper (brass alloy)
liquid solid mercury in silver and tin (dental amalgam)

What is solid solution and give example?

Steel, another example of a solid-solid solutions. It is an iron solvent that contains a carbon solute. Steel is harder and denser than iron …. because there are more atoms per volume.

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Which of the following is solid in gas type solution?

Hydrogen can be a gas at STP, while platinum is solid. The example of a gas in solid solution is Hydrogen gas that has been adsorbed onto the platinum surface.

Is smoke a gas solid solution?

The smoke we see is made up of ash and carbon. It’s a type of solid particle that is present in the gas or dispersed within it.