What is the role of a front desk agent in a hotel?

What is the role of a front desk agent in a hotel?

Who is a front desk agent in a hotel?

Hotel Front Desk agent responsibilities include booking guests, managing reservations, and providing information about rates, amenities, and rooms. We are looking for someone who is a good listener and has experience working in the hotel industry.

What is front desk staff?

A Front Desk clerk is the first point of contact for clients at a hotel, business or doctor’s offices. They are responsible for all aspects of front desk administration, including answering phones, greeting clients and managing the office budget. They are also known as front desk receptionists.

What are the people that work at hotels called?

10 Most Popular Types of Hotel Jobs

  1. Resort Manager. A resort manager supervises resort operations.
  2. Hotel Manager. The hotel manager is responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the hotel run smoothly.
  3. Hotel Sales Manager.
  4. Housekeeping Manager.
  5. Hotel Maintenance Engineer.
  6. Concierge.
  7. Front Desk Receptionist.
  8. Night Auditor.

Which is considered a hard skill for social workers?

Problem solving. Problem solving is essential for clients who are struggling to find solutions. This requires you to be able to give concrete examples and explain your conscious decision-making process.

What will motivate to consider engaging in social work?

People who choose to work in social work have a desire to help others and make a difference. Social work teaches me how to accept vulnerability, the relationship, the individual’s choice, their suffering, the resources and the responsibility that we take in providing quality care .”

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What are could be the objectives of social workers?

Social work aims to maximize human potential and fulfill human needs through equal commitment to: Working alongside and enabling individuals to achieve the highest levels of personal as well as social well-being. Social development and social change are key to achieving social justice.

What are the 6 social work values?

Six core value of the profession of social work

  • Service.
  • Social justice.
  • Dignity and worth of the person.
  • Importance of human relationships.
  • Integrity.
  • Competence.

What are the core values and principles of social work?

Ethical Principles. These broad ethical principles are based upon social work’s core values: service, social justice and dignity of the person. They also emphasize the importance of human relations, integrity and competence. These principles are the ideals that social workers should strive for.