What is the relationship of a monomer and a polymer?

What is the relationship of a monomer and a polymer?

What is the relationship between a monomer and a polymer?

All monomers can form chemical bonds with at least two monomer molecules. Polymers, a group of synthetic substances made up of multiple simpler units known as monomers, are a type of synthetic substance. Polymers are chains that have an unknown number of monomeric units.

Which of the following correctly pairs the monomer with its macromolecule?

Amino Acids are monomers of protein molecule, and monosaccharides of carbohydrate or nucleotide a monomer nucleic acid. The correct answer is B.

How do you identify a monomer of a polymer?

The simplest way to determine if a monomer exists is to examine its structure. Each monomer is composed of different combinations of atoms, which together form a unique molecule with a molecular structure that conforms to the general formula for that class. The general formula for monomers in carbohydrates, such as (CH2Ox), is an example.

What does a polymer look like?

Polymers have a unique look and feel. It all depends on the way their atoms or molecules are linked, as well how they were made. Some are soft and rubbery like a bouncy ball while others are sticky and gooey like a skateboard. This is a type of polymer. It is a large molecule.

What makes up a polymer?

A polymer is made of several joined-together monomers. Polymers can be thought of as a chain of paperclips that are connected together. A polymer is a large molecular structure made up smaller, joined-together monomers.

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What is a polymer example?

Examples for Polymers. Natural polymers are also known as biopolymers. They include silk, cellulose and wool. Starch, DNA and starch are all examples. PVC (polyvinylchloride), polystyrene and synthetic rubber are all examples of synthetic polymers.

Can enzyme be called a polymer?

Enzymes can be used as biocatalysts. They are proteins, so they can also be called polymers.

What is the polymer of an enzyme?


Is starch a glucose polymer?

Starch – This is a plant-made polymer to store energy. Plants create starch from extra glucose by linking glucose molecules together so that the long chain curled around to form a large globby polymer. That’s starch!

Which polymer is used in Tyres?

butadiene rubber