What is the intersection between a sphere & a plane?

What is the intersection between a sphere & a plane?

What is the intersection between a sphere & a plane?

A circle of a globe is one that lies on a round sphere. This circle is formed by the intersection of a plane and a sphere, or two spheres. A great circle is one whose plane passes through a center of a sphere. Otherwise, it is small.

What is the equation of YZ-plane?

Similar to the y-z plane, the standard equation x=0 is used and the xz-plane uses y=0.

The y-z plane has a standard equation x=0, while the xz-plane uses y=0.

What is the intersection of two spheres?

The real intersection between two spheres can be described as a circle. This circle determines the plane. It is perpendicular with the line connecting the centers. The line runs through the circle’s center.

How do you find where a line intersects a sphere?

Intersection of a Line and a Sphere (or circle)

  1. If this is less than 0, the line doesn’t intersect the sphere.
  2. If it equals 0, then the line is a Tangent to the sphere intersecting at one point, namely at the u=–b/2a.
  3. If it is greater than 0, the line intersects with the sphere at two points.

Can a sphere have a negative radius?

From this you would deduce that (x-2)2+(z-4)2=-11. This is impossible because the numbers on the left and right are non-negative, respectively. As Blue has already stated, the radius must be positive so that the sphere doesn’t intersect the zx plane.

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What is the locus of points of intersection of a sphere and a plane?

Location of points at intersection of a circle and a sphere.

Is a circle a locus?

The set of all points which share a property. This is usually a surface or curve. Example: A circle is “the locust of points on a plan that are at a certain distance” from a central point.

What is the locus of an ellipse?

The geometric definition of an Ellipse is a point that moves in a plane so that its distances from two points called foci equals a constant (greater than the distance between them). You can also call it a conic if the eccentricity is lower than one.