What is the difference in a bright-line spectrum from a dark-line spectrum?

What is the difference between a spectrum with a bright line and one with a dark-line?

A continuous spectrum is a spectrum that is formed from white light. It contains all colors or frequencies. The dark-line or absorption spectrum is the opposite of a bright-line one. It is formed when all frequencies are passed through a gas that is not hot enough to incandescent.

What is the difference between a continuous spectrum and a bright-line spectrum?

The main difference between line spectrum and continuous spectrum is that line spectrum can be seen either as isolated emission lines or absorption line with large gaps between them. Continuous spectra, on the other hand, do not have gaps and can be created by superimposing the emission spectra of the same …


Which type of spectrum is Rainbow?

visible spectrum

Why is Rainbow a continuous spectrum?

It is caused by the dispersion sunlight by small water droplets in atmosphere. There are no clear boundaries between colours in rainbow. Continuous spectrum is a spectrum that has no boundaries between colours. Rainbow is also part of a continuous spectrum.

How is a continuous spectrum created?

Continuous spectrum (also known as thermal or blackbody or spectra) are created from dense gases and solid objects that radiate heat. The spectra appear continuous and smooth because they emit radiation at a wide range of wavelengths.

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What is the phenomenon of Rainbow?

A rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon caused by the reflection, refraction, and dispersion light in water droplets. This results in a spectrum light appearing in space. It appears as a multi-coloured circular arc. The section of the sky opposite the Sun is where rainbows are created by sunlight.

What is the end of the rainbow riddle?

you all know the answer to this riddle: letter W .

What do you find at the end of every rainbow?

Answer : Wealth or Volkswagen are the two ends of every rainbow. A “W” is at the end of every rainbow.