What is the difference between conclusion and result?

What is the difference between conclusion and result?

What is the difference between conclusion and result?

Results must be raw data that can be measured rather than general observations. It should directly relate to your research question or hypothesis. A conclusion simply reports what you have learned and whether or not it is in line with your hypothesis.

What conclusion can you draw from your experiment’s results?

Answer. Your experiment will reveal how your dependent variable behaved with your independent variable. These are the conclusions you can draw from it. You should not reject your hypothesis if your dependent variable behaves in the same way as your hypothesis.

What is conclusion in experiment?

A conclusion is a brief paragraph that summarizes the results of an experiment and explains whether or not the hypothesis presented at the beginning was correct.

What does it mean to draw conclusions?

Read with purpose and meaning. Inferring information is information that is implied, inferred or derived from other sources. These clues give you clues or hints that will help you “read between” the lines. This is called inferring. …

What are the rules for writing a conclusion in a research paper?

When writing your conclusion, remember these rules: Use clear and simple language. Don’t just repeat your results. If you don’t have the opportunity to do so, indicate them in the discussion section.

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What is the significance of drawing conclusion?

Drawing conclusions is an important skill that readers should learn. It encourages readers to pay close attention to what they read, to use their life experience, and to look at details in the text to help them draw conclusions about the meaning of the words.

What is scientific method to draw a conclusion?

Drawing a conclusion is a way to sum up the results of an experiment. Once you’ve completed the experiment, recorded the observations and interpreted the data you can determine if your hypothesis was true or false.

What is the purpose and function of a conclusion in a scientific method?

Key Info. These are your conclusions. They summarize the results of your science fair project. To help you explain your results, include key facts from your background research.

How can you create a conclusion that is relevant to an experiment?


  1. Restate: Restate the lab experiment. Please describe the assignment.
  2. Explain: Explain the purpose of the lab. What were you trying find or figure out?
  3. Results: Explain your results.
  4. Uncertainties: Account for uncertainties and errors.
  5. New: Discuss any new discoveries or questions that have arisen from the experiment.