What is the candidate population?

What is the candidate population?

What is the candidate population?

Second: New cases of disease are determined in a candidate population. This is a group of people who are at “high risk” of contracting the disease.

What is the best definition for a population?

What is the best definition for a population? A group of organisms belonging to the same species living in the same place.

How can you describe a person?

A population is a group of individuals from the same species interbreeding in a particular area. Population ecologists use a variety of statistical measures to describe a population. 1992).

What is the population and what is its type?

A population is a discrete group of entities with identifiable characteristics, such as humans or animals, with the purpose of analysis and data collection. Metapopulations are when individuals from local populations spread among other local populations.

What type of selection is made when people are part of a larger population?

During stabilizing selection, intermediate phenotypes are favored and become more common in the populace. Disruptive selection is when one or both extreme phenotypes is preferred, and the other phenotypes of intermediate nature are rejected.

What factor could lead to an almost uniform distribution of the population?

The distribution of a population in an area is largely determined by the availability of food and other resources. Organisms are distributed in a uniform manner. This is often the case when individuals are competing for a limited resource such as light or water.

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Which of the following is an example community?

Community is also known as biological community in biology. It’s an interconnected group of different species living in one place. A biological community is, for example, a forest made up of trees and undergrowth plants that are inhabited by animals and planted in soil rich in bacteria and fungi.