What is the balanced equation of sodium water giving sodium hydroxide hydrogen

What is the balanced equation to make sodium water give sodium hydroxide hydrogen in?

The question we are asked is: Sodium + water – Sodium hydroxide+ Hydrogen. The Chemical Equation balance is 2Na+2H2O-2NaOH+H2.

When sodium reacts with water a metal hydroxide and a gas will be produced?

Sodium metallic reacts quickly with water to create a colourless, basic solution of sodium hydrogen oxide (NaOH), and hydrogen gas (H2). Even when the solution is basic, the reaction continues. Because of the dissolved hydroxide, the solution that results is basic. This reaction is exothermic.

What happens when sodium hydroxide reacts with water?

When sodium hydroxide dissolves in water it seperates into negatively-charged hydroxide ions and positively-charged sodium ions.

Can sodium hydroxide dissolve in water?


What is the product of sodium hydroxide and water?

For example, when sodium hydroxide (NaOH), dissolves in water it creates negative hydroxide and positive sodium ions (Na+). This is represented in the chemical equation NaOH H2O OH- + Na.

How is sodium hydroxide used in water treatment?

A Sodium hydroxide can be used to treat drinking water in order to raise its pH to a level that reduces corrosion. The best method to reduce lead corrosion and minimize lead levels in drinking waters is to raise the pH.

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What is sodium hydroxide made of?

Sodium hydroxide is made from salt water (brine). It is most often made from sodium hydroxide by electrolysis of brine, a solution of salt (NaCl). During this process the water (H20) is reduced to hydrogen gas (H) and hydroxide ion (OH). To form sodium hydroxide, the hydroxide ion binds with the sodium.

Why is sodium hydroxide used in food?

Sodium Hydroxide in Food Production. Sodium hydroxide can be used to remove the skin from tomatoes, potatoes, and other vegetables in order to can them. It is also used in food preservatives to prevent bacteria and mold growth in food.

Is sodium hydroxide a natural product?

The short answer is that soap is still natural. Making soap requires sodium hydroxide (also known as caustic soda, lye). The soap will remain natural as long as all other ingredients are natural. Lye is not used in the final product.

What does sodium hydroxide smell like?

Liquid salt hydroxide has no color and is odorless. It reacts violently with strong acids, and water.