What is a divided highway?

What is a divided highway?

The “Divided Highway” sign indicates that two lanes of traffic ahead of them are separated by some kind of physical barrier or median, such as a guardrail or concrete barrier or a strip or land.

What type of lanes carry traffic in opposite directions at different times?

Reversible Lanes There are some travel lanes that can be used to transport traffic in either one direction or the other. These lanes are often marked with double-dashed yellow lines. Before you drive in these lanes, make sure you check which lanes are available at the time.

Where do reflective triangles go?

Once your hood is raised and your flashers on, place triangle reflector triangles next to your vehicle to divert oncoming traffic. As a rule of thumb, you should put the first warning triangle 10 feet directly behind your car on the side closest to the road.

How far should the warning triangle be placed?

45 metres

How many reflective triangles should you carry?


When setting out reflective triangles you should?

To ensure your safety, you should keep the triangles in front of oncoming traffic when placing reflective triangles. 84. Retarders are used to slow down the vehicle and decrease brake wear.

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Where should you place your warning devices?

If a motor vehicle is stopped within 500 feet of a curve, crest of a hill or other obstruction, a warning device should be placed at a distance of 100 feet to 500 feet from the vehicle in the direction of the obstruction. The other devices should be placed at 10 feet and 100 feet intervals toward approaching traffic.

Why will your vehicle’s speed naturally increase on downgrades?

Why does your vehicle’s speed increase when you downgrade? Gravity. Your vehicle is heavy. You must exit a highway by using an off ramp that curves downwards.

What is the best way to handle skids?

Most skids happen when the conditions are slippery. You should not be in a skid. You should stop accelerating and braking. Next, turn the steering wheel quickly in the direction that you desire.

When you are starting to move up a hill from a stop?

When you start to climb a hill after a stop, release the parking brakes and apply engine power. 40.