What happens when two charges of the same type and like are combined?

What happens when two charges of the same type and like are combined?

What happens when two charges of the same type are combined?

Like and unlike charges repel one another; unlike charges attract. Two negative charges can repel each other, but a positive charge can attract a negative one. The line connecting the two charges is where attraction and repulsion occur. The square of the distance between two charges determines the magnitude of the force.

What happens when you add two positives?

Answer. Explanation: If both positive terminals have been connected, current doesn’t flow.

Why do objects lose their charge?

A object acquires a charge when it’s rubbed. The objects can gain or lose electrons by rubbing. It becomes positively charged when it loses electrons. An object that gains electrons becomes negatively charged.

Which of the following natural phenomena Cannot be predicted?

Solution – An earthquake is a natural disaster that cannot be predicted. Floods, landslides, and tsunamis can be caused by earthquakes. 17.

How does a body get charged?

When two materials are rubbed together there is a transfer electrons between them. This causes one object (the electron loser), to become positively charged, and the other object (the electron gainer).

Can a charge exist without mass?

A charge can differ from its mass because: An electric charge is always conserved, but a mass can not be conserved since it can be used to generate energy. While charge cannot exist without mass, mass can exist indefinitely without charge.

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Does a point charge have mass?

A point charge is an idealized representation of a particle that has an electric charge. As the distance from the classical point charge decreases towards zero, the electric field associated to a point charge increases to infinite. This makes the energy (thus mass), of the point charge infinite.

What is the point mass give the examples?

If a body is very large in comparison to its size, it can be overlooked when studying its motion. The object can also be considered a point mass object.