What happens to minerals when they are subjected to directed stress?

What happens to minerals when they are subjected to directed stress?

How do minerals orient when they are under direct stress?

How do minerals orient themselves when they are subject to shear stress? Atoms can dissolve, minerals can migrate to new places, and atoms can reform. Minerals disintegrate, atoms move to new places, and minerals are reform. Atoms move to new places and minerals are reform.

Which of the following describes the orientation of the long axes of rocks and mineral grains in relationship to the directed stress applied?

Which of the following describes how the orientation of long axes of minerals and rocks is End. to stress applied? Mineral grains are oriented in the direction of the least stress. The direction of the weakest stress applied is the long axis along the rock’s long axis.

What happens to a rock when it undergoes metamorphism?

Metamorphism occurs because some minerals are stable only under certain conditions of pressure and temperature. Chemical reactions can cause minerals to change in a rock’s structure to be stable under new pressure or temperature.

What happens to the grain size of the minerals in rocks when the heat is increased?

Metamorphic rock is igneous or sedimentary rocks that have had their form altered or changed by heat or pressure. The minerals grains are realigned. They become longer and flatten.

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How temperature and pressure affects the size of minerals formed?

The temperature and pressure will determine how tightly the mineral structure is packed. The size of the crystals will depend on how long it takes to cool down. The crystals will grow larger if magma cools slowly. Many tiny crystals will form

if the magma cools slowly.

What is the effect of heat and pressure in rocks as there is an increase in the depth?

heat: Pressure increases with depth. This can cause the rocks to shrink by compressing the spaces between the minerals. This causes the rocks to become denser. Together, heat and pressure cause the rock to flow instead of breaking or fracture .

How does heat and pressure affect rocks?

Magma is formed when rocks are heated to their melting point. Heat and pressure change the parent rock, transforming it into metamorphic rocks. You can choose to use igneous or sedimentary parent rocks.

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