What happens if you block a number in Sprint?

What happens if you block a number in Sprint?

What happens when you block a number via Sprint?

If you don’t want to receive text messages or voicemails from a number, then use Methods 1 or 2 to block it from your Sprint account. Numbers that are blocked from your Sprint account will be informed that they aren’t receiving calls when you try to contact them.

How do you tell if a blocked number tried to call you?

Based on my knowledge (because it had already happened to me), even if you don’t have voicemail you can still see if someone is calling you. It will still show up in your calls. This is because your phone will still ring once a blocked number calls.

What happens when a blocked contact calls you?

What happens to blocked calls. The blocked number will be sent to your voicemail when you block it. This is the only way they know they have been blocked. Although the person may leave a voicemail message, it will not be included in your regular messages.

How do I see blocked calls on Mi?

Open the Phone app by tapping the hamburger option in the lower-left corner. Next, tap the Settings icon. Next, click the Block number option. Now, you will see the list of blocked numbers/ contacts on your Xiaomi smartphone.

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How do I see blocked contacts?

Most Android phones. After you have blocked the number, you can see your blocked numbers by opening the Phone app. Tap the three dots at the top and choose ‘Settings’. Then, click ‘Blocking Settings’. You’ll find ‘Blocked numbers’ on the next screen.

How do I know my number is blacklisted?

View blacklisted contacts: Open the Phone Manager, then go to Blocked> and touch Blacklist.

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