What genre is Poets of the fall?

What genre is Poets of the fall? 

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How many albums does Poets of the fall have? 

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What happened to poets of the fall? On 13 March 2022 Poets of the Fall announced their album Ghostlight, released in April 2022, as a completion to the band’s third trilogy, consisting of Clearview, Ultraviolet and Ghostlight. According to the band, Ghostlight embodies the idea of metamorphosis, winning over hardship, of acceptance and becoming whole.

How did Poets of the Fall get their name? The name of the band

He also stated that “if it was fall as in autumn, it would be Poets of Fall, without ‘the’.” The name was just an idea of Marko out of thin air when they wrote down a few possible names for their new band.

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Who was the singer of Poets of the fall?

Marko Saaresto (born 5 December 1970) is the founding member, lead vocalist and primary songwriter of the Finnish alternative rock band Poets of the Fall. Saaresto worked as a graphic designer before forming the band in late 2002.