What games can we play social distancing?

What games can we play social distancing? 

10 Socially-Distanced Games to Keep Your Students Safe and Active
  • Yoga. Grab the yoga mats, pull out your favorite age-appropriate moves, and get students moving!
  • Simon Says (Fitness Edition) The name of this game speaks for itself!
  • Line Dances.
  • Noodle Tag.
  • Body BINGO.
  • Movement Dice.
  • Sidewalk Obstacle Course.
  • Animal Charades.

What is there to do in Houston cold? 

Don’t let the weather stop you from having a fun day; check out these ten awesome indoor activities in the Houston area.
  • Local Libraries. First on our list is a trip to the library.
  • Children’s Museum of Houston.
  • Visit the Galleria.
  • Explore the Aquarium.
  • Space Center.
  • Houston Museums.
  • Armadilla Lanes.
  • Sky Sports Trampoline Park.

Is Houston good for outdoor activities? You might not think of Houston as a hot spot for outdoor adventures, but if you look hard enough, you can find plenty of them in and around the city. Whether you’re into running or biking, kayaking or climbing, there are tons of Houston outdoor activities that are perfect for you, no matter your skill level.

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Are there alligators in Buffalo Bayou?

HOUSTON – Alligators have been spotted recently along Buffalo Bayou in downtown Houston. On Tuesday, one alligator was seen sunbathing near Waugh Bridge. People who noticed the gator took pictures and videos with their phones. “This is too cool,” said Dorle Hosmer.

Can you swim in Buffalo Bayou?

The State of Texas requires that water quality in Buffalo and Whiteoak Bayous be suitable for swimming, wading, fishing, and aquatic life. Swimming and wading are considered contact recreation in the State’s standards for water quality, referring to all recreation in which people come in direct contact with the water.

What animals are in Buffalo Bayou?

Buffalo Bayou has a great diversity of flora and fauna along its banks. Egrets, herons, hawks, and other birdlife are commonly seen. Rabbits, turtles, fishes, snakes, and even an occasional alligator might also be found along the bayou and the tributaries.

Is Buffalo Bayou navigable?

Buffalo Bayou is legally navigable by paddle craft from its source in Katy to the western end of the Ship Channel upstream of Wayside Drive.

Can you kayak in Discovery Green?

Kayaking on Kinder Lake at Discovery Green® is a fun and easy way to try out this water sport beneath the shadow of the Houston skyline. Leisurely paddle around the shallow Kinder Lake and enjoy all the fish swimming beneath the surface.

Can you kayak in Tonawanda Creek?

A parking lot 20 yards away makes it a hassle-free spot to launch your kayak or canoe. Easy place to drop your boats in a side-channel. The Tonawanda Creek is 90 miles in length, starting in Wyoming County and eventually flowing into the Niagara River in Tonawanda, NY.