What does this dialogue tell us about Frank’s character?

What does this dialogue tell us about Frank’s character?

What does this dialogue tell us about Mr Frank’s character?

What does this dialogue tell us about Mr. Frank’s view of his role in the attic He views himself as a leader responsible for protecting others.

How would you describe Mr Frank?

Anne considers Mr. Frank to be one of the most kind, intelligent, gentle, and thoughtful fathers she has ever seen. He is a strong supporter of Anne and will often stand by her during family disputes. He is kind, generous, and calm, while other adults in the Annex can be harsh, stingy, and emotionally.

What does Mr Frank mean in the last scene when he says she puts me to shame?

being ashamed

What does Mr Frank mean when he says now we can live in hope?

Frank compares their lives in the annexe to self-imposed prison. They were always afraid …. They waited patiently for the Gestapo to find them. Now that they are gone, all they have left to do is to hope.

How do you picture Mr Frank as he delivers his last line she puts me to shame?

Can you imagine Mr. Frank’s last line, “She puts me to shame”,? He is furious.

Why does Mr Frank want to leave Amsterdam?

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Why did Mr. Frank want Amsterdam to be his new home? He felt he wasn’t the same person and his belongings and house made him think about his deceased family members.

Why does Peter remove the Star of David from his clothes?

Why did Peter take the Star of David out of his clothes? Peter takes his Star of David out of his clothes because he doesn’t like the fact that he was forced by Nazis to wear it because he is Jewish. He doesn’t believe labels and took the opportunity to take it off.

What is the most reasonable inference to draw about Anne’s personality from the details in this speech?

What is the best inference you can draw from Anne’s personality based on the speech? Because she has other interests, Anne is resourceful and can find ways to distract herself from living in fear of the Nazis. Frank is there to comfort her when she’s upset.

Why do Mr and Mrs Frank speak German in this scene?

Why do Mr. and Mrs. Frank use German? It’s easier for them communicate in German.

Why does Mrs Frank cry in act1?

Why does Mrs. Frank cry in Act 1? Anne’s treatment of Anne hurts her. Anne accuses Peter being INSUFFERABLE or______.

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What are Anne’s feelings about going into hiding?

Anne Frank addressed her diary entries to Kitty, an imaginary friend. She wrote about her life in hiding and her feelings of loneliness, as well as her frustration at the lack of privacy.

Who suspects the families are in hiding but probably won’t do anything about it?

Who suspects that the families are hiding but won’t do anything? The green grocer.

Who is getting suspicious of the secret annex?

Willem van Maaren

What were Anne Frank’s character traits?

She was brave, kind, caring, and compassionate. 35-45, Dutch, helps Miep with the responsibilities of feeding and hiding the occupants of the Annex, is an employee of Mr. Frank’s company, a trusted colleague and friend.

What were the most impressive character traits in Anne Frank which you would like to emulate?

Frank is thirteen-year-old Anne at the start of the play. Despite being in hiding for months, Anne remains positive and makes the most of every situation. Her diary shows that she is creative, introspective, and imaginative.

Where is Anne Frank now?

Anne Frank, photographed by her father, before the family went into hiding in 1942. For the first time ever, the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam now has Anne Frank’s complete diary manuscript.

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Who was Dr Pfeffer’s first patient?

In November 1942, Fritz Pfeffer joined the Frank and Van Pels families, bringing the number of people in hiding up to eight. He was a lonewolf in a two-family situation, with Anne as his roommate.

Who gives Anne her diary?

Otto Frank