What does Hale think about his own judgement and the court system?

What does Hale think about his own judgement and the court system?

How does Hale feel about his own judgement and the courts?

How does Hale feel about his judgment and the courts? Hale believes that his judgment may have been misinterpreted by the Proctors.

What role does Reverend Hale play in this trial?

In The Crucible Reverend Hale has been brought in to study witchcraft. His task is to investigate all claims and interview those involved. Hale takes his work seriously and intends to eradicate witchcraft from Salem. Hale is the symbol of the paradoxical nature of the witch trials.

What conflict is Hale and the court causing?

His internal conflicts are initially End. to his efforts to detect evidence of witchcraft at Salem and then to arrest those accused. He finally enters into conflict with Danforth, the court and tries to convince them that the trials were based upon false evidence.

Why did Hale denounce this court?

Hale decries the proceedings based on the testimony and evidence against Abigail Proctor and showing that the girls are faking witchcraft and that it has nothing to do whatsoever.

Who left the courtroom?

John Proctor fails to convince the court about his affair with Abigail. Hale, who knows the character of Proctor, now believes that Proctor is telling the truth and that the girls are making up the story. He leaves the court.

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What is Hale saying about the town?

What is Hale referring to when he said, “There is blood on my scalp!” Can you not see the bloody head?” He doesn’t want the village to think he is weak.

What does Elizabeth mean when she says he has his goodness, but God forbid that I take it from Him?

He has his goodness now, God forbid that I take it from Him. Elizabeth is referring to John Proctor’s redemption. She will not ask him to confess to witchcraft to save her life.