What do you do if iMovie tells you there isn’t enough disk space?

What do you do if iMovie tells you there isn’t enough disk space?

What to do if iMovie tells you there isn’t enough disk space?

To free up space, click on the All Events button and delete any media files associated with the event. You can delete the projects and events you don’t use and quit iMovie and restart it to check if new videos can be imported without the “not enough space” message.

How do I change the destination in iMovie?

The steps to move your iMovie library to a new location are:

  1. Quit “iMovie”.
  2. In the Finder, select “Go”.
  3. Select “Home” option.
  4. Open the “Movies” folder and locate the “iMovie Library”.
  5. Drag the iMovie Library files to an external hard drive, or to a new location on your machine.

How can I use iMovie on two computers?

Jason replies: You can transfer iMovie project from one Mac to another ….On destination Mac:

  1. Connect to an external drive.
  2. Launch iMovie.
  3. Click the “Project Library” button at the upper left corner of the iMovie windows.
  4. Drag your project to the iMovie project list to copy it to this Mac.

Can you share an iMovie for someone else to edit?

If a user wishes to send an iMovie project in a format that they can modify later, they can use Google Drive or the UD Dropbox. To upload an iMovie project to Google Drive, users would need to click “New – Upload” and then select the location of the iMovie library.

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How do I share an iMovie file?

You can export or share your iMovie projects from a few convenient locations.

  1. On the main Projects screen click the More button. Move your cursor over Share Project and choose your favorite option.
  2. On your Project editing screen click the Share button at the top of the window and choose an option.

Which cloud storage is best for free?

Best Online Cloud Storage Providers

  • 1) Icedrive.
  • 2) pCloud.
  • 3) Mega.
  • 4) WorkDrive.
  • 5) OneDrive.
  • 6) Google Drive.
  • 7) Dropbox.
  • 8) IDrive.