Web Design and Web Development: Differences

Web Design and Web Development: Differences

Web development and Webdesign are two distinct features of the 21st Century. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between the two, mainly because they are often complementary. Below is a comparison of web design and web development.

Web design: The graphic design of a website

Web Design is the creation of a web interface. It includes the organization, navigation, and interactional architecture of pages. This is an important phase in web creation.

Web designing requires programming, ergonomics, and interactivity. It also requires an understanding of technical constraints such as accessibility, diversity of web terminals, display options, accessibility, specialities of different languages, process, portability, and respect for W3C recommendations.

The design of a website is created using a functional model as well as technical specifications. These specifications are then converted to lines of code and images using the graphic model.

To understand the role of a web designer, you need to imagine the tools he will use. It’s essentially graphic software. The three most well-known Adobe programs are Photoshop, In Design, and Illustrator. The web designer will often use a graphic tablet to draw on the computer.

In top-brand companies, the web designer is responsible for defining the specifications of the product. He or she works with the project manager, artistic director, and scripting to create the visual and sound identities, graphic charters, and design the interfaces that allow for e-commerce.

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Web development: the encoding of a website

Web development relies on the use languages (HTML/CSS, JavaScript and PHP …)) to create programs that can then be executed by computers. Instructions are placed on the Internet and executed on servers. These instructions can be text or graphic elements, depending on what site owners want. They may also display interactive information (eg shopping cart) or look like a document.

Web development creates the foundation of the website. It is possible to create a site from a blank page.

The web developer will use a basic open-source editor such as Notepad++ or other editors. He will use a particular computer language to write the code. There are many.

For simplicity, the web developer focuses on the skeleton of a website, or its internal aspects.

How to create an attractive and functional website

Web Design refers to both its aesthetic and usability. To create the layout of the website and other visual elements, web design uses Adobe Photoshop. Web Development, on the other side, takes a website design and creates a functional website. To bring the design files to life, web developers use HTML, CSS and Javascript as well as PHP and other programming languages.

Although these two professions may not interact with each other on all aspects of the site’s design, they share the same goal: to attract as many Internet users as possible through the site’s ergonomics and design.

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It is important to work together in order to achieve this result. Usually, the web developer will incorporate into the site code design elements that have been created by the web designer.

There is no limit to the ability of a person to be both a web designer or a web developer. This versatility can be achieved once the person has learned the skills of both professions. Web development requires logic and knowledge in different programming languages. Web design is creative and requires knowledge of creative software.

The line between developers and designers is blurring as developers learn to code and designers take a keen interest in design. This is why tutorials and design articles are so popular. It is becoming increasingly clear that Designers and Web Developers are the future of the field.