Things to Consider When Working With WordPress for Client Sites

Things to Consider When Working With WordPress for Client Sites

WordPress is the most trusted CMS in the world. It is used extensively by developers to create sites for their clients. Developers can reap many benefits from WordPress when developing client sites. Developers can use the blogging platform cum CMS to perform WP development tasks easily and without restrictions.

WordPress provides a simple-to-use dashboard that allows developers to easily execute website development. The developers are responsible for ensuring that clients have an amazing experience while executing their WP website design project. It is open-source and allows for complete control over websites built using it. While WordPress is feature-rich, developers need to follow certain tips when building sites for clients. These tips are what we will discuss.

  1. Let your clients know the power of WordPress

WordPress has all the essential elements for a better user experience. The dynamic features of this platform make it a highly functional CMS- that’s why it holds a massive 26% share in global website development sphere. It gives users full access, including control over the dashboard and admin panel. WordPress is a unique choice because it does not offer such authority or control to its users.

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  1. WordPress releases new updates frequently

WordPress with community support announces frequent updates. Developers are responsible for updating their clients with any new updates. WP community releases updates with the primary goal of improving security and adding new functions to the platform. WordPress is an easy-to manage platform so you don’t need to be a technical expert to upgrade to the latest version. Although it’s easy to update WordPress, clients may not be able to do the same thing due to lack technical knowledge. Developers should assist clients with the implementation of the updates to their websites in this instance.

  1. Limit the plugin usages

WordPress is a unique platform because of the multitude of plugins available for various purposes. WP recommends that plugins be used only when they are needed. Unused plugins can slow down website loading speeds and increase load. To avoid any problems, it is a good idea to remove unused plugins regularly. Developers should regularly check the plugins and remove any that are not being used.

  1. Developer’s license of premium themes is worth your investment

Very few premium themes for WordPress come with a developer’s license. These licenses are generally twice as expensive or even triple the price of a single one. It is profitable to invest your money in premium themes if you are a developer who does client site development. This not only allows you to save money, but also allows you to get familiar with certain themes. If you’ve purchased the developer license, you can ask clients to pay for one license. An editable theme is a better option than developing a theme from scratch.

  1. Customize existing theme for clients using child themes

If you need to modify a theme for your client, there is no better method than using child themes. It can be difficult or impossible to edit a theme that has been upgraded. This depends on how many changes you wish to make. You can modify the parent theme easily by having child themes. This simplifies the upgrade process. The child theme can be edited only in CSS and does not affect the parent theme’s ability to upgrade.

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  1. Make sites exclusive using different page templates

There are many reasons page templates are important. Page templates can add great functionality to your website and enhance its appearance. Page templates allow you to limit the client’s access to elements that may not be of use to them or could be accidentally modified by them. Sometimes clients accidentally delete an important element due to WordPress editors’ easy operation. These situations can be avoided by using page templates.

Final Words

The points in this article will help developers when working on clients’ websites. Developers need to keep the development process intact in order to help their clients understand WordPress’s significance. It would be great to hear your comments in the comment section.