These 7 Web Design Tips will help you make more money on your E-Commerce site

These 7 Web Design Tips will help you make more money on your E-Commerce site

Every site is unique and every website has different web design requirements. Google isn’t able to go through billions upon billions of websites to determine if any are suitable for their niche. No. Google instead has been constantly updating its site, which serves as a standard for all websites regardless of niche.

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User Experience is more important than any other aspect of this standard. If you have an online store, you are included in that standard. Google has a list that all websites should follow, but to be specific and cater to your site’s needs, Australia’s top web designers provide a list that e-commerce sites should adhere to in order to double their sales.

  1. Search bar

The more products you have, it’s more important to add a search bar on your page. It makes it easier for the user to search for what they are looking for and filter his results.

  1. Multiple item photos

You don’t need to create an entire album for each item. 2-3 photos are sufficient. A photo of the product is the best way to convince people to buy. You can make a 3D view of your product or a video.

  1. Navigation bar

Poor navigation is one reason why people leave websites. It can be frustrating to go to a website without a navigation bar that indicates where you can find specific items. Your navigation bar should be prominently displayed on your website to make it easier for users.

  1. Shopping cart

Make the shopping cart an easy-to-click button on every page of your website. It doesn’t have to be prominent, but it should be visible. This can help decrease the abandonment rate of your checking cart.

  1. Organized catalogue

Nobody wants to walk into a store filled with cluttered items. Your website should be the same. Your brand’s image will be reflected in your website if your products are not well-organized. It is important to arrange your products in an appealing, clean and organized manner on your website. This makes it easy for customers to see and encourages them make a purchase. If you are unsure of the niche you wish to sell, pay attention to what you are selling.

  1. Partners and associates

Find the right place on your website to display information about partner companies you have worked with or are currently working with. Namedropping is rare. It might even increase your credibility which is something users value when shopping online.

  1. Sale section

Who doesn’t like a sale? A sale is a great opportunity for people to get an item at a lower price. A page dedicated to discount products will ensure that your users are aware of what items are available.

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There are many web design techniques you can use on your ecommerce site, but these are the best and easiest ways to increase conversion rates.

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Do not be afraid to try new things, but choose those that you think will best benefit your site. Take a look at the sites of big-name competitors to get some ideas for your site.

What other e-commerce web design techniques did you think of? We would love to hear your thoughts!