The top “must-have” mobile apps in 2022

The top “must-have” mobile apps in 2022

The modern pace of life to be in touch 24/7. Today, not only young people, but the older generation do not part with their phones, computers and tablets. This allows us to follow the news, connect with loved ones and find useful information at the speed of light. Without modern technology, life is simply impossible. Thanks to technological progress, now there are many mobile applications that you just need to download on your mobile device to manage your personal and business life in multitasking mode.

Social media management tools

If you are a real person of the 21st century, and you have accounts in popular networks, install the appropriate mobile applications for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more. Having a mobile app will save you from having to go to the browser every time to check the feed. All these official developments will allow you to stay in touch, check messages, upload photos and videos, comment on friends’ posts. And if you need to download Facebook video or save another type of content to watch offline, we share a life hack with you. Inflact recently developed a free FB video download tool. This service is available in the browser without restrictions.

Communication instruments

Some of the oldest messengers are WhatsApp and Viber. These are instant electronic communication and voice-over IP services. Telegram is the most convenient messenger for many, which allows you to edit already sent texts and does not compress images or degrade the image quality during transmission.

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Also, a huge list of corporations use Slack as their corporate contact system.

Cloud storage and simultaneous cooperation

The next type of program, without which life becomes more difficult, is cloud storage. Modern smartphones are capable of recording videos and taking pictures in high quality, and the quality requires large amounts of memory. The smartphone cameras will only get better, which will require additional storage space for memories.

Google Drive and iCloud are the best options for Apple products and other users. But you can choose from a huge assortment of discs. These are file storage and sync services that allow users to store files in the cloud, sync files between devices, and share files.

For everyday work at the computer, we need applications for working with documents. I use Pages or Docs by Google. Fast and convenient applications for working with docks. It is an online word processor that is part of the free Google Docs Editors web editor suite offered by Google, which also includes Sheets, Slides, Pictures, Forms, Sites, and Keep apps. These options are available through an internet browser as a web app and also as a mobile app for Android and iOS, and as a desktop app on Google Chrome OS. Pages is a word processor developed by Apple. It is part of the iWork productivity suite and works on iOS. It’s also available on iCloud on the web. Furthermore, it is convenient to access documents from your mobile device, as all the changes are saved online.

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Health, Fitness, Education and other apps

Another important group of mobile software is those, that track key signs. Google Fit Activity and health tracker calculates the required training time and shows vital health indicators. The app performs the function of a pedometer. It is compatible with smartwatches regardless of the operating system.

The best work and study applications include:

  • Microsoft Teams – an assistant in solving corporate and personal problems;
  • Duolingo – a virtual language teacher;
  • Brainly – collective homework;
  • WPS Office – a pocket office;
  • Photomath – solving mathematical problems of various levels;

Tools for phone and computer:

  • VPN Master – Anonymous and safe opening of sites;
  • Super Status Bar – real pumping of the notification bar;
  • Live Wallpapers – 4K Wallpapers – the best live wallpaper for your smartphone;
  • Greenify will help extend battery life;
  • Navigation Gestures lets you control your phone with gestures;
  • KWGT – a service for creating widgets;
  • Automatic Call Recorder – automatic call recording;
  • DR WEB Light – a reliable and free antivirus for mobile devices;
  • TeamViewer – control your computer from a distance;
  • Flud – download and distribute files from your phone.

It is also interesting to look at the ratings at the end of the year. Google summed up the results of 2021 in the Play Market app store and introduced services in the Best Apps nominations. The category “Daily needs” includes 3 applications

  • Blossom is an interactive guide for recognizing plants from photos. It also provides information about plant care and sets appropriate reminders.
  • PhotoRoom is a smart photo editor that automatically changes backgrounds and removes unnecessary objects.
  • Rabit is an organizer app for building and tracking habits.
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Among the best Entertainment apps:

  • Clubhouse is a social network for audio conversations.
  • Noobly is an application for gamers that allows you to find friends, partners or opponents by gaming interests.
  • Whatifi is a library of interactive movies, the plot and ending of which depend on the user’s choice.

Of course, each user has their own needs. But every day there are new mobile products on the market, the authors of which aim to simplify our everyday lives. Before installing a new mobile application on your smartphone, check the reliability of the developer and carefully read the terms of use to protect yourself. After all, the protection of personal data is crucial in the digital age.