The digital way to plan and shop for weddings

The digital way to plan and shop for weddings

Picture this: You’re on a trip with family and friends to buy stuff for a big Indian wedding. On multiple days, you’d need to visit many stores and offices of service providers. It sounds exhausting, right? It is one of the most difficult tasks, and many people fear it.

Gone are the days when we had to visit a physical store in order to purchase wedding supplies. Digitalization has made it possible to plan and shop for weddings online.

Brides and grooms now have the ability to shop for their wedding outfit, trousseau, and everything else they need for a happy life. It’s all done through a simpler, more convenient process. This is possible because most retailers and service providers have gone digital. All of them have their own websites and apps that allow them to shop at any retailer around the world for wedding lehengas, shoes, or custom-made jewellery.

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Virtual weddings during uncertain times:

Last year was a difficult year for many of us. It has been extremely stressful and overwhelming to even venture out to buy the necessities of life. We saw many families hosting weddings at their homes or at venues on a smaller scale, even in these uncertain times. This was possible due to the ever-growing and evolving technology that has made it possible for us to have the entire world at our fingertips.

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The host families had the opportunity to speak with service providers like wedding planners, invite designers, or caterers in order to choose the menu for the wedding celebrations. We saw guests attend the weddings via video and the food was delivered directly to their homes during ceremony. It is amazing to see a task this complex as planning and executing weddings with just a few clicks and audio calls.

The future of the way the world shops in:

Technology plays such a central role in our everyday lives that most people cannot imagine life without it. It is a welcomed change to be able to shop at home with your family. We are pleasantly surprised by the adaptability of our families to these new ways of buying and selling goods.

But, it is important to be careful about where you shop. Doing enough research is essential to ensure that the site or app you order from is reliable. To avoid disappointment later on, it is a good idea to review the exchange and return policies. While we are not sure that online shopping will bring the same excitement as in-store shopping, we believe it will be just as enjoyable when your big box of shoes and jewelry arrives at your home.

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