The Benefits and How to Repurpose Content

The Benefits and How to Repurpose Content

When you are making a living from publishing content online, you don’t want stagnant views and click counts. This means that many people are viewing your work. It is a sign that you targeted the right market and that they feel you are relevant enough to them. This also indicates that you failed to attract new audiences.

Eventually, you’ll see a drop in clicks and views. This happens to everyone, but it does not mean that you shouldn’t make efforts to improve the way you publish your content. This can be caused by changes in your industry, preferred method of digesting content, or the quality of the content.

Sometimes, all that is needed to increase those views and curb the causes of view drops is to revamp your content and give it an updated look.

Why You Should Repurpose Content

One of the biggest misconceptions about blogging, is that you need to produce content every minute of every working day. It is probably the reason your clicks per article are falling. Your readers don’t know which article is most important. You are not giving your readers enough time to read what you publish before you publish another.

Not churning out countless content is the solution. You need to make sure your content is accessible to more people. This is what repurposing content can do. This takes your existing content and updates it to give it a new look.

Let’s explore the main benefits of repurposing material:

Get the attention of a new type of audience

There are some users who prefer graphics to articles. Others may prefer to watch videos while others might rather listen than read. You can reach a wider audience by reworking your content to meet one or two media preferences.

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Giving your old content a second chance

The performance of any content is 80% optimisation and 20% luck. There are many things that can happen in one day. Your audience might not be interested, new information may be available, Internet speed issues, or the article simply not appearing on everyone’s schedules. Repurposing allows your content to have a new life and gives you a second chance to get your work noticed. It’s a chance to promote your researched content again.

Unique way to emphasise a point

According to The Rule of Seven, a person must see your message at most seven times before making a purchase decision. Repeated marketing should be done to promote your message before readers decide to buy. Repurposing helps you reinforce your original content in a variety of ways that you can repackage for different audiences. This is the same authoritative, well researched point, but delivered as an article.

Improved search visibility

According to BrightEdge’s study, a large portion of your website traffic still comes via organic search. Repurposing content already optimized in different formats can increase organic visibility, especially for specific search queries.

What content should be repurposed

If you’ve been blogging for some time, you should have a lot of content ready to repurpose.

The first thing to do is organize your content from the most-popular to the least. Next, you should check how much engagement your posts get, how many views they have since being published, and what time it has been viewed less frequently. This will allow you to narrow down the content that you want to reuse and determine which format you should use.

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Popularity isn’t the only criterion. An evergreen article can be added to your archive. If the content remains relevant and valuable over time, it is considered to be evergreen. These topics could include best practices for marketing and fixed information about psychology or history.

You can also select content that can be changed. This applies to articles that contain outdated examples or scenarios, such as Hotmail mentions or any other jurassic Internet references that are not relevant to the article. This article can be repurposed with new data and relevant examples.

Different ways to repurpose content

Now you know how to decide which content should be reused. Here are some ways you can do this.

Blog series into ultimate guides

You might have written on a topic several times before. It is possible to repackage it by collating all the posts and making it an ultimate guide.

For example, if you’re a travel blogger and have written about Moroccan culture, food customs, travel destinations, and other topics, you can make that The Ultimate Guide to a Moroccan Holiday post.

A/B Test results to Case Studies

It is a good idea to conduct an A/B testing whenever you make changes to more than one part of your website. You can use this test to collect data and organize it for publication as a case study. This is particularly useful if you blog about the Internet or business.

Transferring from one domain registration site into another is an example. It is possible to set a budget and then list all the perks that you received from each of the registration sites. You can also check speed, ease-of-use, and customer service.

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Webinar to Video series

If you’ve hosted a webinar that was a huge success, consider hosting a tutorial video for people who don’t have the time or inclination to attend. This allows your users to learn at their own pace and also gives you the opportunity to attract new viewers to your site via Youtube.

Ultimate guides to ebook

Once you have accumulated enough ‘Ultimate Guide …’ articles, you can make this a downloadable book. This ebook can be offered as a bonus to new subscribers. It will allow you to show them how high-quality content you produce.

Blog posts to infographics

Some articles can be best understood using visualisation. Visualisation can help you make difficult-to-digest information easy to understand.

Blog posts to podcasts

Podcasts are very popular in recent years. This allows viewers to absorb new information while they commute or work without having to look down at their phones.

You can convert your blog post to a script. You can make the language more casual and clarify points. Also, you can figure out how to explain graphs using audio.

Repurposing is a way to ensure that you are delivering the best content possible in multiple formats. It is easy to create multiple formats to appeal to different audiences. This gives you more leverage. Even if your website plateaus, you’ll have a plan of action that will help increase your views.